It may come as no surprise, but the creators of Tallahassee’s beloved Madison Social are once again, adding another addition to College Town. With Madison Social, Township, and Centrale on Madison Street already, the team behind these hoppin' locations have decided to bring us something new, utilizing the space at Central further, to create Magda’s, an ice cream and sweet shop.

Matt Thompson, one of the owners, said that there was a need for coffee and sweets in College Town. This will help to expand Centrale’s accommodations, as well as bringing something new to the area.

They officially opened as of February 12th, and their hours are 8AM-10PM. This is earlier than when most things in College Town open, and I don’t know about you but I’d love to start my day with some coffee and a sweet treat before heading to class.

Alyssa Love

Magda’s features ice cream, hand-made waffle cones (made in front of you!), espresso, other coffee experiences, pizza by the slice, and even breakfast items from SO DOUGH Baking Co. (which is great for those who can’t get to midtown). They also have trendy items such as cereal milk lattes and ice cream buns. The waffle cones and toppings are to be the main focus of Magda’s, which help set it apart from other ice cream shops. To make things even better, it smells amazing inside.

Toppings include fun things such as fruity pebbles and cold brew brownies, both of which I've tried. I've heard of coffee flavored ice cream before, but not brownies. They are delicious and perfectly fudge-y, so if you're a coffee fan, I'd 10/10 recommend. 

February 10th was The First Scoop event, where Magda's offered the first 50 registered people a scoop of ice cream for free. All other guests received 25% off their order. They also passed out super cute Magda's stickers.

Alyssa Love

Magda’s features a “1970’s Miami vibe”, and focuses on pinks and greens. The name comes from the grandma from the movie Something About Mary, and the décor is inspired by her house. There are so many cute touches, with leafy wallpaper on the counter, decorative flamingos outside, and a wall filled with decorations such as a mug that says "Grandma". One of my favorite decorations, although I really love all of them, is a sticker on the mirror that says "I am awesome". 

Matt said that he hopes people will experience “A Solid compliment to the area and what we have to offer.” We certainly already know they have a lot to offer, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they own all of Tallahassee pretty soon.

Alyssa Love

Of their strong presence in the city, Matt said, “It was definitely nothing we set out to do. I wish I could sit here and say we had this strategic five year plan but we grow by talent and through opportunity that presents itself. We are lucky that folks enjoy what we do and we are appreciative of all their support. I know that sounds cliché, but I truly think about all we do and it amazes me that people have supported us so much and we are appreciative.”

I think we all are looking forward to enjoying Magda’s!