Good news, Wildcats. A new eatery has finally taken root in the space on Davis Street where popular bar The Keg used to be.

Cupitol, a European-style café and restaurant, opened in July and has already made a name for itself among the many coffee shops in the Evanston area. Unlike Unicorn Café, Kafein, Starbucks, Peet's, Coffee Lab and others, Cupitol brings an international flavor and a fresh, versatile structure.

coffee, tea, beer, espresso, cake
Aine Dougherty

You can try to order a regular latte, but the barista at the counter will convince you to try their signature iced freddo instead. It's a Greek-inspired coffee creation that consists of a cloud of frothy milk over chilled espresso, topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Don't resist.

coffee, ice, chocolate, milk, espresso, tea, cream
Aine Dougherty

Pair the strong freddo with any of their delicious and varied brunch dishes for a real hangover cure. For instance, the European breakfast of Greek yogurt, granola and berries, the Spanish omelette or the sweet sticky bun French toast.

#SpoonTip: they also sell alcohol, so you can keep the party going the morning after with a mimosa or two.

vegetable, meat, pancake, sauce
Aine Dougherty

The restaurant has a variety of healthier options, including vegetarian and gluten-free choices. I chose instead to indulge in a flavorful breakfast sandwich. The warm, buttery croissant stuffed with bacon, cheese and a fried egg tasted just as mouth-watering as it sounds.

bacon, croissant, cheese, egg
Aine Dougherty

The display case full of beautiful pastries, including fruit tarts, mousse cups and cream puffs, only added to the European charm. 

Aine Dougherty

In addition to Cupitol's fresh and enticing food, the bright, airy atmosphere inside the restaurant-café hybrid really helped it stand out from the crowd.

Finally, the unique set-up of the eatery was memorable and absolutely added to the overall experience. It's counter service, but once you place your order at the front, you're assigned a table, and waiters quickly bring your food out to you.

bacon, cheese
Aine Dougherty

 With spaces to work or study (couches included) as well as tables for casual meals with friends and family, Cupitol has something for everyone.