I was so excited when I heard about the new market opening at the University of Arizona's Student Union. As a student, it is hard to find healthy options for a decent price. However, at Nrich, there are various options catered for each and every student! 


I love fresh pressed juices. At Nrich, one can order one of the selected fresh fruit and vegetable juices or create his or her own custom fresh pressed juice. For example, some of the juices include, "Up Beet," which contains beet, carrot, and apple, "Rich Greens," which contains celery, cucumber, grape, and lemon, "Square Root," which contains carrot, ginger, and pineapple, and "Oh K!," which contains spinach, cucumber, apple, and pineapple. In addition to these juices, there are so much more options available. However, when I went, I created a custom juice that had a cucumber base with beet, kale, and turmeric. It was absolutely delicious!

Salads and Snacks

In addition to the juice bar, there are various pre-made salads and snack. For example, there is a Southwest Salad (pictured above), a Greek Salad, and many other salad varieties. Also, there is fresh hummus and salsas available. 

Nut Butters

Another cool feature that Nrich offers is its fresh pressed nut butters. These butters are more nutritious and healthier than  pre-packaged nut butters. I have not tried the nut butters yet, but I am excited to try the almond one. 


Also, there is a fresh selection of produce and healthy snacks perfect for anyone on the go. It is so exciting to have a venue on campus that offers various organic and healthy snack options. 

Overall I am super excited about this new market available for students. It is extremely convenient and decently priced. Next time you are in need of a health fix, head on over to Nrich.