For those who are trying hard to avoid the 'freshman fifteen', there are plenty of healthy food fixes near the University of Arizona. As my freshman year roommate was a nutrition major, she constantly got on my case about eating healthy. Being an individual who adores junk food and hates granola bars, here are my favorite healthy picks. 

1. IQ Fresh

With a motto of 'you are what you eat', how can you not try out this on campus eatery? With affordable wraps, gyros, and smoothies, you can enjoy healthy meals without worrying about the calorie count.

2. Core

This is the most well known healthy restaurant on campus. With a customizable salad bowl, one can get a personalized, filling meal. These salads are made with fresh, organic vegetables and fruits destined to freshen up the body. 

3. Core Plus

This is a sister joint of the 'Core' restaurant, except there are more options on the menu. Probably one of the most affordable places on campus, one can pick up a meal for under 8 dollars (including added protein!) 

4. Eat A Pita

With a modern take on the traditional Mediterranean 'sub', Eat A Pita offers customized gyros in a variety of flavors, vegetables, and meats. Packed gyros usually cost 7-8 dollars on average, so this is a very affordable place to eat. In addition, all the meats are grilled to perfectly complement the vegetables.

Menu Suggestions: Gyro, Morning Glory, Spicy Black Bean

5. Illegal Pete's

This joint is a cult favorite of many University of Arizona students. Within a 5 minute walking distance from campus, one can find long lines during most afternoons and evenings. Not only is this food affordable, but it uses healthier alternatives in comparison to the chain favorite, Chipotle.

With so many food options on campus, it is a lot easier than expected to avoid the unhealthy calories. Instead of binge eating ramen and consuming flaming hot cheetos, use that spare change in the future to some nutritious meals! So do me a favor, and go check out some healthy food fixes near the University of Arizona this week!