It was Thursday night and I could not help but find myself aimlessly scrolling through various online menus. My goal could only be accomplished by finding the answer to this oh-too-familiar question: Where should we eat? This time was not like most others, as my critical research would be used to aid in choosing a spot for my friend's birthday lunch. My Google search bar read "best restaurants in Binghamton" and it was then when the Dos Rios Cantina website completed my quest.

Their website highlighted pops of color and radiated the "cool vibe" that is essential for the perfect Instagram picture! After the aesthetics of the restaurant was approved by my friends, a screenshot of the menu circulated my group chat. Dos Rios Cantina was an immediate hit!

The restaurant aesthetic and decor mirrored the infamous Day of the Dead. The spirit was fun, colorful, and of course, very culturally accurate. The scene of the restaurant was filled with people of all ages. The atmosphere was vibrant and the people were super welcoming. After being sat immediately, our party of 12 raced to the menus to choose from their many Mexican options.


If you didn't start your Mexican meal with chips and guac, you're doing it all wrong! Our table got one order of chips and guacamole. What could be bad?! We also HAD to order their infamous nachos. The extra $2 for guac on top was SO worth it! The large plate consisted of tortilla chips topped with queso, pico de gallo, lettuce, black beans, corn, pickled shallot, Cotija cheese, and cilantro. I didn't know what half of the ingredients were, but somehow it was a golden combination. Our table quickly devoured the entire plate in about three minutes.

Kayla Menkes


My go-to Mexican meal is always a chicken fajita and this time was no different. It came out on a sizzling plate with chicken, peppers, onions, and tomatoes. The hot spread was followed by a plate of toppings and a stack of soft tortilla shells. The spread of add-ons consisted of sour cream, lettuce, corn salsa, and tomato salsa. I stacked the toppings, the chicken, and the veggies to make, I think, a very respectable fajita.


What's a Mexican meal without some churros?! This birthday celebration was made complete with a huge churro ice cream sandwich. The dessert was brought out with a large candle and a huge boombox which made it clear that our party was there for a birthday. If the singing wasn't enough, the flashing spotlights hanging above our table and the colorful disco lights lit up the celebration. The dessert itself was absolutely delicious. With complete humility, I am not the biggest churro fan, but I can truthfully say that this was the best churro I ever had. The cold vanilla ice cream complemented the warm cinnamon churro perfectly.

Not only was the food amazing, but the people at Dos Rios Cantina made our celebration so special. If you ever find yourself craving Mexican food in Downtown Binghamton, Dos Rios is the place to go!