Christmas? What Christmas? Just this week you've had to submit 10 different essays, you're doing your group project entirely on your own since all your group mates have f***ed off for the festive season, and to top it all off, exams are coming and you haven't started making your cue cards.

Sounds like you might be feeling a little Grinch-ey. Well, as a battle hardened post-grad in Scotland I am here to tell you that there is nothing that'll get you in the festive spirit like the Edinburgh Christmas market. Don't believe me? Here's 12 reasons why the market will put a little a little tinsel back in your soul.

1) The Bratwurst

Mallini Kannan

Every year I come to this market, the first thing I do is make a bee-line for the Bratwurst stall. It's manic, there's sausage everywhere, my sweater ends up smelling like smoked meat, but I don't care. The spicy sausage topped with grilled onions is more than worth it.

2) The Hot Booze

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Mallini Kannan

I know Glühwein is normally the drink of the day at the Christmas market, but I had a sore throat and as we all know hot toddy is the perfect winter warmer for scratchy voices. The one in the picture is a hot apple toddy with sloe gin.

3) The people are actual cutie pies.

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Mallini Kannan

Look at that happy, smiling face. Does it not inspire joy? The people who work the markets are ACTUAL babes, which considering the kind of crowds they have to deal with is a Christmas miracle in of itself.

Don't be afraid to have a wee chat (if they're not too busy) with them- they'll be happy to talk you through their products, recommend some food you need to try...And who knows? You may walk away with someone's number and the start of a little Yuletide romance. 

4) You can add some variety to your caffeine fix.

coffee, wine, espresso, beer
Mallini Kannan

Meyart's Flavoured Coffee Beans is usually my second stop at the Chrismas Market. They have 20 different flavours to choose from ranging from boozy (Jamaican rum) to the slightly unusual (blueberry muffin). While they exclusively work the Christmas market circuit, you can stay stocked up throughout the year via their online shop.

5) You get a European food trip for much less than the price of a plane ticket.

wine, beer
Mallini Kannan

This time of year, Princes street becomes the best place to be if you want to take a gastronomic trip around Europe without having to shell out for a transcontinental flight. When the library starts to feel like your entire world, head out and grab a German grilled salmon burger to remind you there's more to life than physics.

6) The Poffertjes 

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Mallini Kannan

You know how to make pancakes even more awesome? Make em' mini and douse em' in whipped cream and icing sugar. These Dutch mini fluffs of joy will keep you up and going to battle the crowds. And if you're not a fan of whipped cream they've got a whole host of sweet sauces you can drizzle to your heart's desire.

7) You get to stock up on revision snacks.

Mallini Kannan

Sometimes you don't want the healthy study snacks. Sometimes all you want are crazy colourful sweeties. The Christmas Market understands, and it has the goods. From pick 'n' mix, fudge and countless artisan chocolate stalls (for the #bougie crowd) you've got options to fuel every single one of your sugar-induced all-nighters.

8) The Belgian Waffles

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Mallini Kannan

Leslie Knope would be so proud. Belgian waffle stalls dot their way all through the fair so you never have to walk more than 20 steps before getting your hands on one of these hot, caramelized creations fresh from the waffle iron. Ask for all your favourite toppings and dig right in.

9) The abundance of cheese.

Mallini Kannan

There is SO. MUCH. CHEESE. at this market. Cheese on potatoes, cheese on sticks, cheese on breads, cheese to eat there and cheese to go. Once you've had your fill bubbly, freshly grilled Raclette on your potatoes or oozing Comte on your Croque Monsiuer, the Snowdonia Cheese company's award winning cheddar truckles will keep you going well through December.

10) It's the perfect Christmas shopping opportunity for foodie gifts.

Mallini Kannan

Your wonderful roommate who has 15 different mac & cheese recipes (all of which you've sampled while crying on the kitchen floor)? Treat them to some lovely culinary treats to show them how much they mean to you. How about some Turkish delight curd from The Cherry Tree preserve company?

11) The Christmas Beer

beer, wine, liquor, alcohol
Mallini Kannan

Ok...Fine. I'll admit this pretty much taste the same as any other European style beer I've tried. BUT a) I know nothing about beer, and b) after all the fried market food you've eaten an ice cold beer tastes amazing and gets you ready for dessert.

12) Carbs on carbs on carbs on carbs…

Mallini Kannan

Carbs make you happy, it's true! Going to the Edinburgh Christmas Market is like entering a world covered in pretzels, doughnuts and crêpes. Your revision-addled brain will thank you for this trip to carb-y wonderland and you'll be happily back on the revision-train in no time.

Mallini Kannan

Yes, I know the exam diet sucks. But the festive season is coming and having some little holiday treats will make things much better. So head down to the Edinburgh Christmas Market, grab a couple of schokokisse (those marshmallow kisses in the picture) and breathe. There's a cup of Bailey's hot chocolate out there with your name on it.