Vermont, a state that seems as irrelevant as Ohio, is actually home to really delicious food. My family goes skiing in Vermont every December since it is full of mountains and lots of snow. However, since the skiing is so great, the food is always overlooked.

But, this winter, the food definitely out shined the snow. Instead of talking about how good the slopes were at dinner, we would rave over all of the food we had eaten that day. I even told my friends that they had to come since the food was just that good.

I'm getting hungry, so let's begin.

Maple Syrup

Breakfast is definitely not MY most important meal of the day, but the Vermont maple syrup has totally changed that. I stayed at the Grand Summit Hotel, which is part of the Mount Snow Ski resort. For breakfast, they always had pancakes, waffles, and french toast. But that wasn't what attracted me to the breakfast. It was the maple syrup. Seriously, I would eat it every day if I could and trust me, my brother does. That is why we be bought enough maple syrup home to last a lifetime, or until he goes back to college. 

Maddie Kapelus


Although Europe is the cheese hub of the world, Vermont may give it a run for its money. You wouldn't believe it, but apparently the older the cheese, the tastier! So, don't fret if you see that a cheese is 4 years old, 7 years old, or even 15 years old. Contrary to common culture, being older is sometimes better! The rich taste of the cheese will make your meal feel like you're in a high class place to match your high class experience on the slopes. You will find yourself returning home and craving the sharpness of that aged cheese

platter, cheese
Maddie Kapelus

Mac n' Cheese

While we're on the Vermont cheese grind, let's discuss the way in which this sharp cheese is transformed.  Let's get into character: You've just skied half a day on the rugged slopes of Vermont. You're freezing, but the exhilaration of skiing is making it bearable. You're as red as a tomato and your face is covered in frost. Let's not forget the most important part: how hungry you are. You walk into the ski lounge and are encompassed by the savory smell of the Mac n' Cheese, and in that moment, you know exactly what you're having for lunch. The warm mac n' cheese not only heats up your body, but extremely satisfies your tastebuds. It's gooey, it's cheesy, and it's exactly the push that your body needed. Also, if you're looking for protein to get that extra energy booster, they make mac n' cheese with bacon. If you're kosher, they have plain mac n' cheese and the vegetarian option, so everyone is set! 

cheese, lasagna, pizza
Maddie Kapelus

Belgian Waffles

I I wish this article came with a free sample, because this Belgium Waffle is something everyone needs to experience. When you're half way up the mountain, you can smell the sweetness of these waffles, which is probably why people speed down the slopes to beat the lines that wrap around the mountain. I personally do not like waffles, but something about these fluffy, sweet, sugary waffles drizzled in chocolate is merely irresistible. My friend who doesn't ski enjoys coming to Vermont solely for these waffles. 

butter, peanut, waffle, chocolate
Maddie Kapelus