Newly opened in the Warehouse District this September, Drip Affogato Bar is bringing something to NOLA like never before: the beautiful marriage of ice cream and coffee. Known as affogato, this Italian dessert is typically made with gelato and a shot of espresso. Here, you get just that but with a twist.

Joseph Kim

Affogato flavors include Bananas Foster, Tiramisu, Cookie Monster, Vietnamese Coffee, Matcha, and "The Classique," aka the closest to how the Italians have been doing it. They've also got a "Build Your Own" option for the truly adventurous. 

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Joseph Kim

Instead of gelato, Drip keeps true to its NOLA roots by bringing in ice cream from Creole Creamery. They even have exclusive flavors like Tahitian vanilla bean, stracciatella (milk-based with chocolate shavings), or Vietnamese iced coffee that you can't find at Creole Creamery's original shop.

After the ice cream and toppings, it's time to add the the "drip." Depending on which affogato you order, the "drip" can be espresso, Matcha green tea, hot chocolate, or chicory coffee.

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Joseph Kim

Prepare for some seriously Insta-worthy photos when they bring out your affogato in the most beautiful presentation. In one bowl is the ice cream with various toppings, and sitting next to it is a cup filled with the "drip." The steps that follow include pouring it on and digging in. 

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Joseph Kim

The coffee brewed at Drip is from the beloved, local company French Truck Coffee. Beyond espresso, they have exceptional cold brew and Vietnamese iced coffee, as well as countless other coffee drinks like lattes and Americanos. 

beer, tea, coffee
Joseph Kim

Not a fan of coffee? Never fear. You can get ice cream sans "drip" in a cup, cone, or sundae form. If you're feeling munchie, give in to the tempting pastries from the local Gracious Bakery. If you're in the mood for sippin', you can choose from hot chocolate, hot tea, milk tea with fresh boba, or a chai latte. 

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Joseph Kim

Open from 8am to 10pm every day, Drip Affogato Bar provides the perfect excuse to eat ice cream for breakfast. If you're looking for a more classic coffee shop experience, they've got you covered there too. No matter what you're feeling, whatever you order is guaranteed to have you walking away happy. 

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