DOUGHP, a store specializing in edible cookie dough, has officially opened its doors in Pier 39 at the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco. The nostalgia of licking cookie dough off mixing spoons and the growing trend of edible cookie dough got to our curiosity. We were invited to a media preview event and got the scoop on what DOUGHP is all about.  

What is DOUGHP?

Carolyn Hong

Located on Level 2 of Pier 39 next to the Crab House, DOUGHP (pronounced dope) serves cookie dough that is meant to be eaten raw, but can also be baked into cookies. Unlike the traditional raw cookie dough, it uses heat-treated flour, and flaxseed instead of eggs, creating the perfect, safe-to-eat treat.

Kelsey Witherow, the founder of DOUGHP, quit her previous job to follow and share her love for sweets with the Bay Area community, and DOUGHP truly gives back—the cookie dough is mixed at the Bread Project, a NPO that supports low income individuals in the Bay Area.

What is DOUGHP’s Store Like?

Carolyn Hong

DOUGHP’s store is any Instagram foodie’s paradise with a colorful interior filled with fun art displays and wall murals. Bright electric blue neon lettering on a grass wall draws you into the store, and the cheery red tables welcome customers to sit down and have a fun time with friends. There’s even a small balcony with a counter and seats, so you can enjoy your cookie dough along with gorgeous views of Pier 39.

#SpoonTip: DOUGHP is open Sunday-Thursday from 9 am to 9 pm, and Friday-Saturday from 9 am to 10 pm.

What Can I Get at DOUGHP?

Carolyn Hong

DOUGHP offers a diverse rotating lineup of six cookie dough flavors, eight kinds of cones, and an even larger array of toppings and sauces. It is always testing and experimenting with flavors and regularly offers new options. Customers are encouraged to create their own imaginative masterpiece with different combinations of cookie dough and toppings. 

Carolyn Hong

One generous scoop of cookie dough in a cup costs $6, and it’s an additional $0.5 for a sugar cone, or $1.5 for a flavored waffle cone. Toppings and sauces range from the classic sprinkles and cookie crumbles, to marshmallow cream and Fruity Pebbles to take your cookie dough over-the-top. Each additional topping or sauce costs $0.5. 

#SpoonTip: SF locals get 20% off their order on every visit. Make sure to show a valid ID with a San Francisco address.

DOUGHP also offers a range of hot drinks. There’s everything from the classic espresso drinks, to drinks infused with chocolate, and the house special, the Cookie Dough Latte.

Nut-Hella Oreo

Carolyn Hong

The rich chocolate flavor of this Nutella cookie dough with Oreo cookies really shines, and the Oreo cookie bits add a subtle crunch to the super smooth texture. Out of the cones we tried, the Birthday Cake cone’s prominent vanilla flavor complements and adds the most to the cookie dough. The light and fluffy whipped cream cuts through the richness, and does the perfect job of rounding up the depth of flavors and textures. 


Carolyn Hong

This flavor is your classic cookie dough studded with M&M’s. While the flavor of the Matcha cone is subtle, the crispness elevates the texture profile and crunchiness of the M&M’s. The sprinkles and Fruity Pebbles add pops and bursts of excitement to the creamy spoonful of cookie dough in your mouth. 


Carolyn Hong

Even those with dietary restrictions can enjoy the cookie dough at DOUGHP—this flavor is vegan and gluten free. #VeganLyfe is not as sweet as the other flavors, so the addition of sprinkles and other toppings adds an extra sugary goodness. The rich and chunky chocolate chips swirled into the cookie dough pairs well with the simple and light flavors of the Red Velvet cone. 

Other Flavors

Carolyn Hong

With so many other flavors to choose from, there is a cookie dough for everyone. For a fruity, refreshing take, try the Strawberry Cheezin’, a cookie dough with strawberry preserves and cream cheese frosting. If you like white chocolate chips in your cookies, the combination of cranberries and white chocolate goes well in the Cran Crazy flavor. For those who like cookies stuffed with everything but the kitchen sink, This S’More Is Hella Awesome is full of marshmallow fluff, graham crackers and chocolate chips. 

#SpoonTip: For fresh-out-of-the-oven cookies, bake 1-2 tablespoons of chilled DOUGHP cookie dough at 350 for 10-12 minutes.

Cookie Dough Latte

Carolyn Hong

The Cookie Dough Latte consists of fresh Illy espresso, a pump of chocolate chip cookie dough syrup, steamed milk, a dollop of whipped cream, and crumbles of cookie dough on top. The sweet cookie dough and whipped cream melds with the bitter coffee seamlessly, creating a creamy swirl of flavors that melt in your mouth. Even better, the bits of leftover cookie dough at the bottom of your mug are a treat that is truly the best-saved-for-last. 

Oreo Bombz

Carolyn Hong

These unassuming Oreos stuffed with the Original cookie dough pack a punch of happiness and satisfaction. Try one with a Red Velvet Oreo, where the Oreo’s fluffy cream cheese filling is a match made in heaven with the smooth cookie dough. The flavors glide effortlessly across the crispy Oreo cookies, and these are the perfect bite for a sweet craving.

Why Should I Go to DOUGHP?

Carolyn Hong

There’s something so comforting and soothing when you lick cookie dough off a spoon. Childhood memories of baking in the kitchen flood your mind, and you can almost smell freshly baked cookies when you take a deep breath in. Eating DOUGHP’s cookie dough is the epitome of this experience, and it’s the reason you should grab your friends and family and head over to Pier 39. Give it a try and be ready to be filled with warm, fuzzy emotions, and a new love for a sweet treat. 

#SpoonTip: Follow DOUGHP on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to stay in the loop on new flavors, discounts, and more!