Ever since its opening, Donutology has found its way into the hearts of many with its mini made to order donuts, and this donut shop just does not stop giving. Donutology now offers delicious donut milkshakes. Yup, the game has been changed. 

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Haya Qureini

They have the classic flavors which are chocolate and vanilla. For the holiday season they have a gingerbread flavor (which is my favorite and everyone should try it because it is probably the best thing that has ever happened to me). The chocolate and vanilla donut milkshakes cost $5.75, and the other special flavors are an additional $1.50.  

So what is in this cup of heaven you ask? Great question. Staying true to their local commitment. The ice cream used in the milkshakes is Belfonte ice cream, which is based in Kansas City. 

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Haya Qureini

The vanilla milkshake is made with three mini vanilla donut cakes and vanilla Belfonte ice cream. 

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Haya Qureini

The chocolate ones are made of three mini chocolate donut cakes and chocolate Belfonte ice cream. 

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Haya Qureini

The gingerbread one is my personal favorite. It is made of gingerbread donut cakes and vanilla Belfonte ice cream. 

Customers can also make their own special flavor milkshake combinations so technically there are hundreds of combinations to try. 

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Haya Qureini

But wait, there's more...the milkshakes are topped off with another mini donut. That's right. The fun never ends.    

Also here is an update about the donut sent into outer space. Well it has made its way back after its long, arduous journey. The donut went 100,000 ft up in the air, and has pictures to prove it. Donutology will soon be sharing a video of the donut's trip into outer space, and will be displaying not only the video of the donut's trip on an ipad but also the actual preserved donut in their shop for everyone to enjoy.