Kansas City is going (do)nuts over Donutology's customized made to order donuts. That’s right--a donut that is made just for you and only YOU. Start with the donut cake, choose your favorite drizzle, and finish it off with the best toppings, and then sit back and watch your creation come to life.   

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Haya Qureini

Now who’s the person who made your dream a reality, you ask? That would be Andrew Cameron, the genius behind the donut shop.

Lucky for you, we had the pleasure to sit down with him and learn about all of Donutology’s deep, delicious secrets. 

How did you get into the donut business? 

I wanted to do something fun and for me donuts are fun. So I called up Daylight Donut Company on a whim, and 7 months later we had our first store in Levenworth, Kansas. Now this is our seventh store and it has all just been a great experience. 

Can you tell me a bit about Donutology and how you got this idea? 

Well I've been in the donut business for six years, and this time I wanted to create a new donut shop experience. Most shops are very passive, you come in and you get whatever is in the case. Here it is really interactive and experimental. You get to pick the type of donut, the icing, drizzle, and topping.

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Haya Qureini

How did you go about making this happen?

Sandbox Agency, which is based in KC, worked with us on our branding. A student from KC Art Institute did the chalk on the walls. Everything here is local actually. The flour we use for our donuts is from Arkansas City, Kansas which is just 2 hours from here. And our coffee is from the Roasterie. In fact, even the cardboard boxes in which we sell the donuts are local. 

Why did you pick Westport? 

One reason we picked it was because we loved this building. This building was built in 1944 and we are one of only 2 businesses to ever be in the space. We also thought that Westport was the right place to try something different and vibrant because the area just has so much energy.

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Haya Qureini

What are your most popular donut combos?

The S'more donut which which is chocolate icing, graham cracker, and marshmallow. Strawberry icing with fruity pebbles and marshmallows is another one. Peanut butter with Reece’s and chocolate drizzle has also been pretty popular. 

What is the weirdest donut combo someone has gotten?

Peanut butter with any of the fruity flavored cereal. 

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Haya Qureini

What is the best time to have a donut?

Any time. But we're busiest from 7 am to 9 am. 

Donut or doughnut?

I haven’t really thought about it but I guess I personally like donut because it simple. But there’s room for everyone in how they choose to spell it. I’m not offended in any way by either.  

Favorite drink to pair with a donut?

Well we actually developed our own coffee blend. It’s the Donutology blend: it’s a roasted peanut taste with berry, smooth and creamy after finish.   

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Haya Qureini

Do you have any seasonal holiday donuts planned?

We haven’t decided yet but it will either be peppermint, ginger, or red velvet. They're all so good so our staff is having a hard time deciding. 

What's something exciting Donutology has in store for us? 

We are actually planning on sending a donut into outer space. We got a weather balloon and we’re going to send the donut 90,000 feet up in the air and video tape it with a go pro. We’re going to track the donut down and bring it back to the store and preserve it. Then on an iPad we are going to show the donut’s journey into outer space.

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Haya Qureini

What do you hope people gain when they come to your shop?

A lot of things in this world can distract us from being happy and we want to change that. We want people to come in, enjoy a donut and just be happy. Don’t take yourself too seriously. If you want to shoot a donut into space go do it. 

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Haya Qureini

Donutology is located at 1009 Westport Road, Kansas City Missouri, and is open Sunday through Thursday from 6 am to 9 pm and Friday and Saturday from 6 am to 11 pm. 

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