For the past few months, everyone has been buzzing about the highly anticipated, new donut shop opening between two New Haven staples: Yorkside Pizza and Toads. As a Yalie always on the lookout for places to satisfy my late-night munchies, I decided to check out Donut Crazy.

Just the selection of donuts itself is remarkable. Ranging from the classic Glazed Donut to the trendy Matcha-Frosted and Maple Bacon, Donut Crazy has it all. Here are some of my personal favorites from the grand opening:

Maple Bacon

cheese, bacon
Drew Glaeser

If you thought the bacon craze was over, Donut Crazy has brought it back... with a vengeance. The crispy bacon complements the traditional glazed donut with maple frosting well-- it's a salty-sweet match made in heaven.

Apple Pie

This ultra-American donut pairs great with a cup of coffee. The sweet apple filling cuts through the bitterness of coffee like a charm (and lets us pretend we're at least getting in a serving of fruit). 


The dense, creamy Cannoli filling takes us back to Italy-- or at least Little Italy. This donut is more of a meal than an afternoon snack (aka it is perfect after a long night out). 

Donut Crazy offers so much more than donuts though. They have a full espresso bar, Arethusa chocolate milk on tap and offer a number of savory breakfast options.

After all, there is nothing like a bacon, egg and avocado sandwich (the real BAE) to kick off your Sunday study grind. Better yet, pop in on Wednesday mornings to take advantage of their coffee, breakfast sandwich and classic donut deal. 

Donut Crazy may have just opened, but it has already established itself as a staple for Yalies. Whether you want to grab a quick snack, knock out some readings before section or hangout with friends after Woads, Donut Crazy is the perfect spot.