One of the worst feelings in the world is that feeling of guilt that comes after leaving your dog at home.  When you walk out the door and your pet looks at you with those big, sad eyes you cannot help but feel some amount of guilt.  But you shouldn't have to feel guilty all the time, there are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in NYC to bring your 4-legged pal. 

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Casey Twomey

(Disclaimer: As per NYC Health Code, the majority of these restaurants do not allow your furry friends inside, but offer special accommodations and outdoor seating for you and your pet)

1. The Barking Dog Luncheonette

It's all in the name–The Barking Dog is one of the most dog-friendly restaurants in NYC. This Upper-East Side joint offers a wide variety of comfort foods such as pancakes, salads and sandwiches for you and a special water-fountain for your dog.  It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner (plus, a fully-stocked bar if you're over 21) so you can dine with your pup all day long.

2. Shake Shack

Lauren Murray

The Madison Square Park Shake Shack is the original location for the popular burger chain and it's also dog-friendly.  Sit outside at this location and hack the Shake Shack menu while spending time with your furry friend.

3.  Boat Basin Cafe

Not only is the Boat Basin Cafe located on the Hudson River, but it is in close vicinity to many dog parks.  After playing in the park with your pup, head down to the Boat Basin Cafe and enjoy the breath-taking waterfront views and their signature salmon burger.

4.  Fred's 

This Upper West Side restaurant is known for its impressive brunch menu, filled with all of your favorite comfort foods. But they serve more than just brunch, Fred's is a dog-friendly restaurant in NYC that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.  They also have a happy hour from 5-7pm on weekdays, yet another reason to grab your pooch and head on down to Fred's and enjoy some $5 beers.

5.  The Park

Your dog's favorite place may be the park, but you're certainly going to love going to The Park–a restaurant with a lengthy cocktail menu.  Serving lunch, dinner, and a special brunch menu on weekends, The Park is a go-to restaurant if you want to dine with your pup.

6. d.b.a

I'm going to be honest, d.b.a isn't actually a restaurant. I can, however, confirm that d.b.a is one of the most dog-friendly bars that you're going to find in NYC.  Some of the bartenders at d.b.a actually carry dog treats in their pockets, and they're constantly changing their menu of craft beers on tap. d.b.a offers the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a casual drink outside with your pup.  

7.  Bistro Chat Noir

The name Bistro Chat Noir may translate to The Black Cat Bistro, but this French-American restaurant is definitely dog friendly. Though the menu may be one of the pricier ones on this list, Bistro Chat Noir offers the perfect upscale atmosphere to enjoy with your pet.

8. Barbuto

Barbuto offers exceptional Italian food, and one of the most beautiful outdoor, sidewalk seating situations in NYC.  Enjoy one of their many pizzas or pastas (or both, no judgement), a glass of wine, and some quality people watching with your dog.

9. Fresh Salt

Fresh Salt has plenty of dog-friendly tables along the sidewalk.  Enjoy one of their many cocktails such as the spicy watermelon margarita, and comfort foods such as homemade hummus and mac-and-cheese– all alongside your pup.

10. Cornelia Street Cafe

Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, Cornelia offers French-American comfort foods 7 days per week and it's incredibly homey.  They offer homemade dog treats for your pet as well. But Cornelia Street Cafe offers even more than that–it's known as a neighborhood landmark and regularly hosts poetry readings, art showings, and live music. 

11. Cookshop

There is no bad time to visit Cookshop.  It's open for breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekdays, brunch and dinner on the weekends.  Any time of day, Cookshop offers remarkable American cuisine as well as lots of outdoor pet friendly seating in the summer months. 

There are plenty of dog-friendly restaurants in NYC that will suit you and your pet's needs.  Regardless of what you're in the mood for, you'll never have you leave your pet at home again.  So grab your dog and a bite–guilt free.