Dezertfox has established a name for itself in GK-1, Green Park, Amar Colony and Munirka, and now it's planning to thrive in the most happening area in Delhi aka Connaught Place. This gourmet dessert cafe has an exhaustive menu comprising of cheesecakes, tarts, cake in a jar, éclairs, cookies, assorted chocolates, macaroons and what not.

The new outlet in L block is a charming little cafe with dainty furniture and an elegant exhibition of mouthwatering desserts. Their specialty is that they only use Belgian Chocolate, Italian cream, and Philadelphia cheese in all of their desserts. Thus, each item they deliver is curated with care and utmost love. 

Here's a little preview of all the goodness. 

Dark Truffle Intenso

Aditya Rao

The mother of all chocolate desserts, Dark Truffle Intenso is an amalgamation of 12 layers of diverse chocolates and lemony wholesomeness. The dessert is a combination of soft and hard layers and you gotta scoop through all to get the maximum burst of flavor. 

Classic Apple Pie

Aditya Rao

This dessert is named "classic" for all the right reasons. Caramelized apples accompanied with the flaky texture of the pie served with creme fraiche is a delight for your taste buds. The lovely manner in which it is plated converts this dessert into a stunning experience.

Tart au Citron

Aditya Rao

If you adore the fusion of chocolate and lemon, trust me, this is what you need to try. The tart shell is made up of chocolate and filled with lemon curd, lemon croquentine and white chocolate ganache and meringue. The little coconut drops on top add to the taste (and the quality of coconut used is excellent!)

Red Velvet Tiramisu

Aditya Rao

Dezertfox is renowned for its plated desserts, and I'm sure you can comprehend why. One look at this red velvet tiramisu is enough to crave it for a lifetime. It consists of molten tiramisu, raspberry jelly, budoir biscuit and coffee liquor, all molded together to create this masterpiece. 

Pabana and Strawberry Cheesecake

Aditya Rao

We were provided with these samples of Pabana and Strawberry Cheesecake, and goodness, this was the best mini fruit explosion in my mouth. Pabana refers to mango, banana and passion fruit cake served with passion mint compote and micro herbs. This is legit the freshest and the most fruity dessert I've ever had the chance to consume. Strawberry cheesecake is honestly a classic, made with fresh pureed strawberries and Philadelphia cheese. 

Chocolate Sin

Aditya Rao

One of the most elegantly plated desserts, Chocolate Sin has a chocolate and cocoa crepe shell filled with rich French custard and Belgian chocolate ganache. Chocolate Sin is bound to awaken the chocolate connoisseur in you.

Chocolate Sea Salt Tart

Aditya Rao

This baked almond frangipane tart is filled with rich and creamy Belgian chocolate ganache and garnished with sea salt. Biting into this is almost as if you're biting into a little piece of chocolate heaven. 

Season's Best Philadelphia

Aditya Rao

This includes a tangy citrus cheesecake with flourless chocolate sponge served with orange glaze. The flavors in this dessert blend perfectly, and you must try this if you're looking for something unique. 

New Age Blackforest

Aditya Rao

Blackforest like you've never had before. It is made up of eggless chocolate sponge, Belgian chocolate mousse, and creme fraiche, and garnished with beautifully crafted chocolate petals and a cherry on top. Soft, chocolatey, and rich, this is Dezertfox's rendition of Blackforest. 

Caramel Cara Éclair

Aditya Rao

If you keep an eye for good éclairs in the city, I think you might want to add this one to your list. It is filled with salted caramel mousseline with a chocolate disc, cara krakine, and milk chocolate crispy pearls on top. The texture and the smoothness of this éclair are fantastic.  


Aditya Rao

Slightly atypical dessert, Equatorial consists of light green tea and spiced equatorial mousse with pistachio lemon cake. This dessert is not excessively sweet, and overall well-balanced. the pineapple compote on top is quite pleasant. 

Dezertfox meticulously creates each and every dessert so that you have a splendid time devouring them. 

Now you know where to gorge on cakes in CP!

Address: L14, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Price for two: INR 550