Detroit, Michigan may be known as the home of Eminem, 8 mile, and its recent upturn to revitalize the city, but it is so much more than that. A trip to Detroit opens up a whole new world of cultures and flavors. From museums, to diners, to casinos, all around there is not a dull moment in the city. Motown is much more than the car capital of the world – sneak a peek at these 5 stops that mix culture and cuisine all in one.

1. Detroit Institute of Arts

You can make your way through the museum from modern contemporary art to historic Roman and Greek cultures. The best part, apart from all the art and artifacts, is the cafe. Take a nice break at Cafe DIA and enjoy some fresh drinks and meals, or check out Kresge Court for fresh tapas and full selection of drinks, offered every Friday evening. It's a great way to have a snack break between some of the most revolutionary art the city has to offer. After seeing a few Picasso pieces, a coffee and a panini wouldn't be a bad idea. Currently on exhibit is Día de los Muertos for the months of October and November. 

2. The Henry Ford Museum 

Marialicia Garza

Henry Ford is one of the greatest pioneers of our time and the museum dedicated to him and upheld by his family is a must-see stop. Turn back the clock and watch Ford designs through the ages from Presidential cars, luxury cars, steam locomotives, planes and trains galore. Grab a bite to eat and feed that American Diner craving at their cafe, which is centrally located in the museum. With all the history from our Founding Fathers to the Rosa Parks bus, there is never a dull moment in the museum. 

3. Colombo's Coney Island 

Southwest Detroit may be better known as Mexicantown, but Colombo's in an absolute must. Open 24 hours breakfast, lunch or dinner is always an option at the Coney Island. It's my personal favorite because of the timeless breakfast style and the way it has a down-to-earth diner feel makes the food taste so much better. Service is fast and quick without much of a wait and is a neighborhood classic on the weekends. 

4. Mootown Creamery 

Marialicia Garza

Located in the Eastern Market district, Mootown is a local vendor for ice cream in the Detroit Area. Their variety of floats, malts, shakes, ice cream, and sundaes is enough to make you die of a sugar coma.  The best part? Everything sold in the store is produced by local farmers and dairy farms in Michigan. Coffee Lover's Malt is a favorite and their hours, even in the Fall season, are perfect to curb any sweet tooth. Their variety may be overwhelming, but not to worry – with all of those options, you're bound to find something you enjoy. Plus, the Faygo pop and local goods is just an added bonus.

5. Duly's Place 

Detroit is the birth place of the legendary coney dogs. It's not just any old hot dog, but a dog packed with chili, cheese, onions and mustard. Duly's, similar to Colombo's, is a diner feel, but lacks the space to sit and snack for a long while. It's grab-and-go type of place, where you could order anything all day. Open  24 hours a day, Duly's is a must have when visiting Detroit. Get a loose coney and some chili-cheese fries and have a ball stuffing your face with the classics of the Motor City. 

Detroit has a ton of history, from Motown music to the newly rebuilt downtown area. There is not a sight to miss, whether you're in the heart of downtown, making a detour to see Canada from a distance, or eating at some of the most unique restaurants. There are the five Detroit Eats you don't want to miss on your next trip to the Motor City. Detroit has been and will continue to be a prime foodie playground