My friends and I went to Del Seoul this past Sunday, which is located in the Boystown neighborhood. The restaurant is a bit small and gets busy around 6 PM, so plan your time well. It's more like a fast food place than a restaurant, so it has a really casual vibe.

Also noteworthy is that Del Seoul is close to Stan's Donuts and Molly's Cupcakes, so if you're looking for a sweet treat afterwards, I highly recommend those two places.

Here's what to order at this fusion street food place:

Kalbi Taco

pork, tacos
Michelle Gao

For those of you who are not familiar with the term kalbi, it is the general term for Korean BBQ. At Del Seoul, it specifically refers to grilled beef short ribs with special marinated sauce. As someone who has eaten a lot of Korean BBQ, I thought the kalbi in this taco was decently authentic, and the vegetable slaw added a creamy crunch that complimented the smoky sweetness of the meat.

Kimchi Fries

nachos, sour cream, chicken, poutine
Michelle Gao

These french fries are loaded with kimchi, scallions, onions, pork belly, cheese and sour cream. It's another signature dish from Del Seoul, and it perfectly combines traditional condiments of Korean and Mexican food. The fries are soaked with kimchi soup, and the addition of sour cream and scallions add hits of cooling freshness. If you want to step up your game, try the Kalbi Poutine; it's the same fries but without kimchi and kalbi and beef gravy instead of pork belly and sour cream.

K-Town Chicken Wings

meat, chicken wings, beef, pork, teriyaki, sauce, chicken
Michelle Gao

If you're not feeling tacos but wants something heavy, go for these chicken wings. These Korean-style fried chicken wings are covered with a sweet chili garlic glaze. Enjoy them with a bowl of rice and a side of kimchi.

Other Recommendations

Michelle Gao

Other than the three dishes mentioned above, there are also other traditional Korean dishes that you could choose such as mandu, Korean-style fried dumplings, and different kinds of Bibimbap, Korean-style hot stone rice bowl topped with a fried egg, vegetables and meats accompanied by a special spicy sauce.

vegetable, rice, noodle, ramen, egg, bibimbap
Michelle Gao

You can easily fill up your stomach spending less than $15, but one thing I'll say is that the taco size is pretty small, so order more than one. All in all, I would definitely recommend Del Seoul. No matter if you're craving fusion cuisine or traditional dishes, Del Seoul has got you covered.