Penn State dining halls are tasked with the unimaginable: keeping over 40,000 students fed... and happy. With 5 dining halls scattered across University Park, PSU is generally able to accomplish this goal. It seems that someone always has a food related complaint, but there is definitely something for everyone.

This is your guide for all things dining hall related in Happy Valley. So, without further ado, here is the official of ranking of Penn State's on campus dining halls from worst to best.

5. North: Warnock Commons

espresso, beer, tea, coffee
Maddie Ricci

The main problem with North is that it's just small. On top of being small, North does not have too many food choices. If you are in the mood for pizza, mozzarella sticks, or Halal and do not feel like waiting, North is a great option for you. However, with few food options and a generally empty eating area, North can easily be skipped without being too missed. 

4. Pollock: Pollock Commons

Maddie Ricci

Unlike North, Pollock is crowded. Pollock often has various options such as an omelette station during breakfast, sandwiches, and many different kinds of fast food, but you should expect to wait for your food- especially during peak times. Pollock also offers The Mix, which has healthier options such as custom salads and smoothies. Pollock should not be skipped, but definitely expect to wait.

3. East: Findlay Commons

espresso, wine, beer, coffee
Maddie Ricci

East offers a selection of salad, pizza, pasta, burritos, sandwiches, and sushi. Although, the options at East are not necessarily new or different from the other dining halls, I think East has good quality food without the wait.

The seating area is never too crowded or completely empty either. I may be biased since I do in fact live in East, but I think the Chicken Parmesan and burrito bowls here can't be beat.

2. West: Waring Commons

Maddie Ricci

West is known for one thing: Sunday Brunch. With its many brunch options ranging from omelette stations to breakfast sandwiches to pancakes, West is hands down the winner in the breakfast department. Throughout the rest of the day, West serves many selections such as Mexican and Italian. With its many seating areas and delicious cookies, West is a must.

1. South: Redifer Commons

wine, espresso, beer, tea, coffee
Maddie Ricci

South is unique in that it is set up almost like a mall food court. There are different areas to visit serving various cuisines. Sushi, Mexican, and Italian are a few of my favorites.

South is great to visit if you are eating with a group because everyone can pick what they are craving. In my opinion, South has the most options and the best tasting food on campus. This coupled with easy to find seating in a usually vibrant setting makes South number one.

College dining halls are famous for serving cuisine that most students would want to avoid. Although, this is true for some of the food in dining halls on campus, there are also many delicious and healthy options. Penn State makes it possible for even the pickiest eater to find something and for all students to return to their dorms happy and full.