There is no lie, I am in love with ice cream. It is one of my passions. As sad as that is, I can almost guarantee that most of my audience feels the same way. The ice cream fetish/kink (I don't know which one is hip these days) will not surrender. This definitive guide to ice cream in Vancouver will see to it.

1. Made by Mister - Beyond Decadence 

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Gavin Gao

Trying Made by Mister was an absolute treat. After seeing the brûléed, caramel flat tops on those cute blue pentagon cups I was already in love (and that was before I tried the ice cream)! It's exactly what its name implies. It is a frozen Creme Brulée. Such an amazing take on the concept of frozen custard but of course, elevated because well... the burnt sugar top!

Due to the flash freezing of the ice cream base, the tiny ice crystals that form this treat allows it to have an almost unparalleled mouthfeel that is not only smooth but also has that thick and sticky texture that is way too delicious. 

2. 720 Sweets - The Flashbang  

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Athena Huynh

I think 720 Sweets is so hyped and honestly I can't see why. While I enjoy their creative soft serve flavours (especially the matcha as it's not too sweet), I think that this place falls short in the sense that their ice cream, while not bad, is not exceptional like most of the other selections on this list. 

I find that they add excessive toppings and condiments in order to take the attention off of their ice cream. I mean, don't get me wrong. This is miles above the McDonald's soft serve next door, but if I want a great soft serve I'd rather go to Soft Peaks

3. Soft Peaks - For the Purist 

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Athena Huynh

Probably my go-to soft serve ice cream parlour. They place such an emphasis on the organic milk that they use and truth be told, I can completely see why. Just one taste of this ice cream shows why their hyped "Milk" flavour is such a best seller (and by far my favourite from Soft Peaks). First and foremost I must say that it is not that sweet. You can truly taste that wholesome organic milk that they talk about so much! 

It's truly a simple and very creamy soft serve that's accentuated very nicely with a sweetening agent (my favourite one is the Honeycomb Peak so of course, Honey and a Honeycomb) which is nicely contrasted texturally with cornflakes. Definitely recommended. 

4. Tangram Creamery - Savour the Flavour 

chocolate, cream, ice cream
Athena Huynh

Tangram is like the new kid on the block (I guess you could say that it's got "the right stuff", am I right?) and I couldn't be more excited. This place pays true homage to classic asian flavours such as Empress Hojicha, Black Sesame, Edamame, and Lychee, just to name a few. One thing about this place is that their more asian inspired flavours have a very nice savouriness to them. 

In addition, I would say that their cookie cones are definitely a highlight of the Tangram experience as they are, in my opinion, the #BestConeVancouver2016. All in all, I think that this is a place with very unique flavours and it's worth it to try them all! 

Ultimately, I would like to say that even though I'm openly writing about my opinions on these places, it doesn't actually mean that I'm always right. I encourage all of you to eat as much ice cream as possible and judge for yourselves. See you all in part two!