The end of the semester is quickly approaching, and for all you seniors, that means graduation. We know you’re probably stressed from all of the graduation planning and senior activities, but that’s what this list is for.

There’s an overwhelming amount of restaurants in Boston, but we’ve picked out the best restaurants that are guaranteed to make everyone happy. Cheers to you and good luck in the real world.

Back Bay

Atlantic Fish Company


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Atlantic Fish Co. is probably your go-to restaurant when you have a special occasion, and for good reason. It’s sleek yet cozy, with attentive waiters and classy decor. Its Boylston location makes it a convenient pick, and the menu is filled with fresh seafood, from the catch of the day to their killer clam chowder. Considering that you’re paying for quality seafood, it’s a good deal.

Fogo de Chão


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What better way to celebrate than at a classy buffet? Fogo de Chão is a popular all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse. There’s a salad bar for vegetarians, but what makes it very worth it is the fact that you can stuff your face with ribeye.

Make sure your graduation clothing is loose, because you’re going to want to go back for seconds…and thirds…and fourths…

Bistro du Midi


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This charming French restaurant serves exquisite and thoroughly French dishes like escargot and foie gras, but also has seared duck breast and roasted chicken for the less adventurous eaters. You can reserve a private room, which overlooks the Boston Public Gardens, making for a truly special experience.

Grill 23 & Bar

boston restaurant

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Grill 23 & Bar is known in Boston for its steak, which is a cut above the rest of the steakhouses in Back Bay. But the entire menu, from the wine list to the dessert, has gotten rave reviews.

Everything about Grill 23 screams quality. The waiters are friendly and knowledgeable, and all the meat served is USDA Prime, all-natural, source verified, humane beef.



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L’Espalier is one of the most upscale restaurants in Boston. This restaurant is probably on your list of places to try when you’re rich if you’re like most college students, because there’s no way that it can fit into a typical college student’s budget. Luckily, graduation means you can go all out and splurge.

Try their Chef’s Tasting Journey, a menu specially curated by the chef. There’s said to be over eleven courses, all inspired by the New England seasons. It includes caviar and truffles — a true luxury.

South End

The Beehive


Photo by Sophie Clingan-Darack

The Beehive has live, jazzy music and is a very “hip” venue, perfect for those who are looking for something a little different from your typical steakhouse graduation dinner.

Like the atmosphere, the menu is unique. It offers a combination of cultures, from Szechuan beef brisket to Za’tar roasted lamb.

Gaslight Brasserie Du Coin


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Gaslight has all the classiness of a typical French restaurant and the intimacy of a gastropub. It seeks to recreate the feel of a neighborhood Parisian brasserie, and it does a good job of it — you’ll feel as if you’ve been transported to France.

They have French classics as well as American ones, and their warm bread is to die for. Though it’s popular for brunch, their entrees and desserts are just as good.


cinquecento boston restaurant

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The South End is much closer to Northeastern than the North End is, and if your family is from out of town, you don’t want to deal with getting them on the T. Cinquecento offers Italian food that’s on par with restaurants in the North End, without all the hassle. If you want a more specialized experience, you can book a private room with specialized servers and a private bar.




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Located in the heart of Boston, Marliave is easily accessible. Every single dish on Marliave’s menu is worth trying, which is something that can’t be said of most restaurants. Their take on gnocchi, charmingly named “Sunday Gravy,” is Boston-famous, and their beef wellington literally melts in your mouth.

No. 9 Park


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No. 9 Park takes the best of French and Italian food and gives it an upscale twist, making it one of the most-hyped restaurants in the area. The dish to try is the prune stuffed gnocchi with foie gras. They also offer a chef’s tasting menu, which changes weekly.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room


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Not only is this modern restaurant known for their quality seafood, but also for their baked Alaska dessert. It’s hip enough that your parents will feel super cool eating here. The staff is welcoming and more than happy to guide you through their menu or offer wine suggestions, which is good because their menu has countless seafood entrées on it.



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You can bet a restaurant named “Mooo…” has some of the best beef around. There’s so many choices beyond your basic steak — there’s kobe beef dumplings, steak tartare and beef wellington too. The atmosphere is more than just your classic steakhouse; it’s modern yet warm and inviting.

North End

Neptune Oyster


Photo courtesy of Chantal Choi of Gourmande’s Kitchen

Neptune is a North End favorite known for their lobster rolls, but you can bet they have other graduation-worthy dishes as well. From the North End cioppino to their Neptune burger, there’s something for everyone. For the more adventurous eaters, they also have a raw oyster bar.



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For a classic but upscale Italian dining experience, there’s nowhere better than Bricco. From dishes like the ricotta pillows to seafood-filled ravioli, you can be sure that whatever pasta you choose, you’ll be more than satisfied.

Al Dente Restaurant


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For those looking for a cozier, more family-style dinner, Al Dente is the place. They have an endless selection of homemade pasta, each one sounding equally appetizing. You’ll be wishing that your stomach was ten times bigger, because you’ll want to try each of these dishes.

Protip: Make each of your relatives order something different, so you can try them all.

Fenway, Brookline & Beacon Hill

Island Creek Oyster Bar


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Boston has its fair share of oyster bars, but Island Creek is undeniably one of the most well-known. With its upscale location and fresh oysters, it’ll be a graduation dinner worth having. Try their lobster roe noodles for a truly unique experience, but also make sure to try their famous Island Creek oysters (after all, that’s what they’re named after).



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This Brookline restaurant has an extensive menu, complete with sushi boats. It has some of the freshest sushi around. The restaurant is traditional Japanese, so be prepared to take off your shoes when you enter the dining room.

Eastern Standard Kitchen and Drinks


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This restaurant serves simple American food prepared in a high-end way. It’ll satisfy even the pickiest eaters. The Eastern Standard burger is said to be one of the best burgers in Boston, so if you’re looking for a classy take on comfort food, this is the place to go.

75 Chestnut


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75 Chestnut is located in the rich neighborhood of Chestnut Hill, which is a bit far from campus so you’ll probably want to Uber. It offers American food in a cozy setting — the perfect atmosphere for catching up with your family.

Looking for a quick bite or brunch in Boston while your fam’s here? Try these out: