David's Famous Frozen Custard is a midwestern staple. Made in Iowa, this family business is pumping out some of the best frozen desserts. When the label's filled with easy-to-pronouce ingredients, you know it's made with the best stuff possible.

How the Company Got Started

When David's son arrived home on leave from Iraq, David thought it would be best to serve his guests of the welcome home party with ice cream. Using his grandmother's recipe, he made a batch of coffee ice cream. Immediately, his family and friends fell in love with his homemade dessert.

A bit more experimentation and many pints of ice cream later, David found the perfect combination of ingredients to produce a rich and creamy frozen custard. Everyone who knew him loved the product and urged him to pursue a career in it.

His first test with the public was at the The Register’s Annual Great Bicycle Ride Across Iowa, which is the largest bicycle tour in the world. After the bicyclers had rode nearly 60 miles, David stood at the finishing line with cups of his perfected coffee ice cream. The product was a success.

A little while later, David branched out to make more flavors. And finally, with a large fan base full of support and encouragement, David started to sell his frozen custard.

Although titled frozen custard, it's nearly identical to ice cream in its taste. Because ice cream has to have a content of 1.2% egg yolk solids, and David's has 4%, it legally has to be called frozen custard. Whatever it is, it's a must try.

The Taste Test

David was super generous and sent me the most popular flavors available. In a matter of days, the pints of ice cream were shipped to my door step, perfectly frozen and delicious.

The coffee custard was amazing, of course. It had a strong coffee taste, but was very smooth. I can see why all of his friends were obsessed with it. The pint didn't last too long.

The butter mint was also a big surprise to me. I'm so accustomed to bright green, artifically colored chocolate chip-speckled mint ice cream, so this was super refreshing. The vanilla and chocolate were plainer, more traditional flavors, but still perfectly executed. I couldn't get enough of it.

David's Famous can be bought in stores in the Midwest. The website has a map to see any retailors. If you're too far away, or just want to have it shipped to your door, you can order it online in packs of 6 or 12 pints. See why choosing frozen custard is the right choice for you.