With less than two months until summer, it’s never too early to get your hands on some refreshing sweet treats. A few months back, Dairy Queen came out with a limited-edition Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard. Now, the brand is bringing that back alongside other flavors on its new Blizzard menu this summer! Keep on reading to find out more about the brands latest ice cream treats and new offerings.

DQ’s NEW Summer Blizzard Menu 

Dairy Queen

This summer at DQ fans can get their hands on new and exclusive Blizzards inspired by Girl Scouts Thin Mints to Cotton Candy.

What’s on the menu?

Girl Scout Thin Mints Blizzard Treat: Girl Scout Thin Mints cookie pieces and cool mint blended with world-famous DQ soft serve. (Exclusively available at DQ stores.)

Brownie Batter Blizzard Treat: Creamy DQ soft serve, rich brownie batter and chewy brownie dough pieces.

Raspberry Fudge Bliss Blizzard Treat: Real raspberries, soft fudge pieces and choco chunks blended with signature DQ soft serve.

Nestle Drumstick with Peanuts Blizzard Treat: Crispy, choco covered Drumstick waffle cone pieces and chopped peanuts blended with creamy DQ soft serve.

Frosted Animal Cookie Blizzard Treat: Frosted animal cookie pieces and pink confetti frosting blended with world-famous DQ soft serve. (April’s Blizzard of the Month!)

Cotton Candy Blizzard Treat: Cotton candy sprinkles blended with creamy DQ soft serve.

In May, fans can get excited for TWO new Blizzards of the Month: Brownie Batter Blizzard and the Nestle Drumstick with Peanuts Blizzard.

Visit your local DQ to try the brands latest summer treats or get them delivered straight to your door by ordering on DQ.com.