Bowls are all the craze these days, but which ones are the best? Acai, smoothie, or buddha bowls, you name it! Let's start the countdown to the five best bowls in Tucson!

5. Tai Chicken Bowl from Goodness

Starting with number five is Goodness's Tai Chicken Bowl. This bowl is made with all-natural chicken, sauteed kale, mushrooms, carrots, marinated plums, broccoli, sesame seeds, brown rice, and thai coconut peanut sauce. This bowl is super fulling because it is loaded with tons of protein and veggies! Such a healthy and nutritious lunch choice that i definitely recommend. 

4. Velvet Amazon from Xoom Juice

The Velvet Amazon takes fourth place. Made with banana, mango, guava juice, granola, and acai, this bowl does not disappoint! 

3. Anything from Cup it Up

If you have not been to the newest restaurant on University Blvd., you need to go check out Cup it Up! It is a great restaurant because you customize exactly what you want! I had a bowl with grilled shrimp, grilled kale, quinoa, mushrooms, chickpeas, asparagus, and tomato basil sauce.

2. Pink Dragon from Goodness

Another favorite from Goodness, the Pink Dragon has pitaya, mango, banana, pineapple, kiwi, mint, dates, apricots, almonds, agave, and coconut milk. Get ready for a delicious and fruity bowl. Did I mention it's full of all your essential vitamins.

1. Acai Protein Bowl from Pure Love Juice Bar

And the winner is... the Acai Protein Bowl from Pure Love Juice! Filled with acai, banana, strawberry, almond, peanut butter, shaved coconut, and honey, this bowl is by far the best in Tucson and will for sure satisfy your acai cravings!

Overall, these are the best bowls in Tucson, but make sure to check out other bowls that these restaurants offer! I guarantee you will find your favorite.