Cup it Up American Grill is the new kid to the University Blvd., block nestled between Illegal Petes and Dunkin Donuts. Fragrant smells of chicken and the large flags are enticing to hungry students on their way to class, so naturally, I had to find out what the restaurant was about. I went into the situation blindly but came out satisfied.

The Order

I stepped into the place, and loud music was playing which is not that big of a deal but led to confusion down the road. I asked how the menu worked since I had never ordered from the place and the Chipotle-style line up was even more complexing. The options are either 'signature cups' or fresh salads. Although the more popular option that the worker told me about was the main entrees, which was a make-your-own style cup, so I went with that. I wasn't 100 percent sure of what I wanted and I could barely hear what the person making my food was saying so I mixed, matched and hoped for the best. First, you choose the protein, then base and greens, next toppings and superfoods, and finally the sauce or dressing.

The Food Verdict

My order was shrimp, white rice, grilled romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, and citrus tomato basil sauce so I was amazed after I started eating my food. Even though it seemed like a bunch of different ingredients that I would normally not put together, it actually worked. The way that grilled shrimp were seasoned, made them very tasty. Citrus tomato basil sauce made for a good sauce to put on top of the entire dish. The only thing that I had an issue with was the avocado which was just put on top and seemed like it didn't mix well together with the other foods in the dish.

Overall Result

potato, guacamole, shrimp, chicken, avocado
Erica Szpylczyn

In total, I think that the confusion was worth the meal. It's also a pretty quick option for students that are on a time constraint because you can just grab the cup and go. Money wise, my cup was $12.92, which is on the pricier side of college dining. If you're looking for a healthier restaurant that is close to university then you should check out Cup it Up American Grill.