I'm 100% a supporter for healthy eating and taking care of your body, but I'm also a firm believer in treating yo' self. For me, it's unrealistic to keep chocolate at an arm's length at all times. I'll stave off the cravings for a bit, but when I do indulge, I want something amazing. The a la mode brownie at Condor Chocolates is the perfect solution. It's time for me to profess my love.

The Sight

cake, chocolate
Lexi Kelson

There it is. My love sits atop a wooden plank in a glass cage waiting for tastebuds like mine to set it free. Oh, the joy that sight brings to my hungry eyes.

Condor Chocolates' truffles, boulders and macarons are also outstanding choices, but the brownie is horrifically underrated. The poor treat needs some more love from the good people of Athens, GA.

The Plate

brownie, cake, cream, chocolate
Lexi Kelson

Have no fear, oh brownie, for my love for you is strong. I promise to devote my extra funds and caloric devices to the presence of your flavors. 

The romance begins with the salted caramel brownie base. Notice the sea salt crystals resting on the edge—they never overpower but always support the sweetness. Then, the chocolate gelato arrives and begins to work its melty magic into the center.

While you have the option of vanilla gelato, I'd recommend the chocolate for the ultimate chocoholic experience.

The Center

goody, ice cream, chocolate ice cream, ice, cream, fudge, brownie, chocolate
Lexi Kelson

Take me now, oh deliciousness, and let me drown in the center of your universe where warmth blends with a chill and leaves me speechless.

The lovely people of Condor heat the brownie for you before applying the gelato layer. Suddenly, the center is a gooey, creamy bite that beats raw brownie batter any day of the week.

The Goodbye

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Lexi Kelson

Why must you always leave at the end of our night? I shall follow your sweet trail of crumbs all the way back to where our love took flight. The table before me may be without your sight, but never will I forget the comfort you provide. 

Whether you're happy in love or single as a pringle, graduating this semester or a piece of fresh meat, you deserve to experience the companionship of this treat. Sometimes I'll grab a few of their other creations for later, but I'm forever devoted to my a la mode brownie lover. 

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Lexi Kelson