Playa Bowls, NJ's Original Açaí Bowl Shop, has finally reached the state of Maryland (located at 7147 A Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD) and we couldn't be more excited. For those of you that don't know, Playa Bowls started in a small beach town on the Jersey Shore by surfers and beach bums Abby Taylor and Rob Guiliani in 2014 in a literal cart with two blenders and a freezer. Today, it has grown into a major company with 60+ locations, while still keeping the mom and pop vibe. 

The Menu

The menu can definitely be overwhelming, but it's easy and simple to understand! There are several different bases, spanning from Açaí to Chia, and smoothies and juices so everyone can really find what they like!  Açaí bowls are my personal favorite and because I'm an 8th Ave girl in Jersey, my pick is the 8th Ave + Coconut Flakes + Cacao Nibs + Chia Seeds! Some other fan favorites are the Nutella Bowl and Electric Mermaid. 

Playa Acai & Coconut ~ Why are we so different?

Playa Bowls is different because we have our VERY OWN AÇAÍ & COCONUT. Our Açaí comes from a farm in Brazil that supports local farmers, while our coconut is from Thailand. Both are then shipped to NJ and then delivered directly to our stores. These aspects of the business are extremely different because we are supporting local farmers while delivering the freshest and most top-notch products.  

The Vibe: Welcome to Pineappleland

When you enter a Playa Bowls, you feel like you have instantly been transported to a tropical vacation. Summer music is blasting, and there are tropical paintings and pictures everywhere. It's all the tropical vibes that you could want in College Park, MD. Playa Bowls UMD is the perfect place to escape after a long day of studying or to recover with fresh antioxidants from a night out. 

The Extras

We have gift cards! These are a perfect gift for anyone and can be purchased and used at ANY LOCATION. Jersey People, I'm looking at you, get some gift cards for your friends and show them one of YOUR FAVORITE places. 

We Cater!! Sororities, Fraternities, Clubs, & Companies-- let us cater your next luncheon or event! 

We fundraise! We can help you raise money for your desired need and cause. Message us on Instagram to get started!

Playa Bowls UMD is located at 7147 A Baltimore Ave and is open 8 a.m. -10 p.m. daily. 

Online Ordering

Need to grab your bowl fast? Order online & your bowl will be ready faster than you can say Pineappleland. 

Need it delivered? Check us out on Uber Eats!

For updates on all things Playa Bowls, visit us on Instagram @playabowlsumd & @playabowls 

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