What is Playa Bowls?

Never heard of Playa Bowls? Well, Playa Bowls is an açaí bowl place that started in Belmar, NJ, which is a small beach town on the Jersey Shore. They started in the Summer of 2014 with a bar cart in front of a pizza place with one or two blenders, a small cooler and an extension cord running up to their apartment.

Pictured above is Playa Bowl's first ever set up with owners Rob and Abby and their dog Dolce (who has a smoothie named after her!). After summer 2014 with just Belmar locals enjoying the bowls and smoothies, they decided that they wanted more people to discover their bowls. They opened up their first storefront in Belmar, NJ on July 3rd, 2015.  

Playa Bowls is Coming to Town!

The new Playa Bowls location in College Park will be located on Route 1, near the old Five Guys location, and is projected to come by Fall 2018!

When you walk into any Playa Bowls location, (there are several now,) you feel like you have been transported to a tropical island and are eating gorgeous açaí and smoothie bowls. They have everything ranging from açaí to oatmeal and chia bowls, and all come with delicious, Instagram worthy toppings. The picture above is a 'Pura Vida' açaí bowl with almond butter and chia seeds added -- yum!     

The Favorites

A  favorite is the 'Nutella Bowl' -- its an açaí base, topped with granola, fresh strawberries, bananas,  a Nutella drizzle and coconut flakes. 

'The Electric Mermaid' Pitaya Bowl is sure to make you feel like a mermaid! It is topped with granola, pineapple, mango, kiwi, local honey and coconut flakes! 

Maryland, I can't wait for you to experience these bowls! Follow us on Instagram to stay in the loop! @playabowlsumd

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