Whether you are a good student and like to study a little bit a week for an upcoming test or you are the last-minute crammer like myself, everyone needs the perfect coffee shop to study in. These coffee shops at the University of Alabama not only provide a quiet space away from noisy roommates and distractions on campus, but also have some of the best coffee and treats in town. Forewarning: you might find yourself hanging out at these hot spots even when you don't have to study. 


Having two locations on campus, this coffee house chain is by far the most convenient for students. Serving seasonal coffees and a variety of food options, Starbucks is the best for the studier who needs stability. Starbucks is the prime Tuscaloosa study spot if you need to be studying till the very last minute and are balling on a budget (yes, they do take dining dollars). 

Heritage House 

A little farther off campus, on Jack Warner Parkway is one of the cutest study spots in Tuscaloosa. Filled with mixed matched antique furniture (my favorite are the church pews) this place has a homey feel as soon as you step in. Heritage House's coffee is amazing but my favorite thing to get is their avocado toast. Heritage House is perfect for a calm escape and a place to get work done. The charm and genuine staff really gives this cafe it's allure. 

Turbo Coffee 

For the more trendy student, Turbo Coffee is the hot new place for you. Only a few months old, Turbo Coffee is a cool and clean space to get you studying and focused. Home to delicious drinks and amazing acai bowls, Turbo Coffee is an Instagram post waiting to happen (just so everyone knows you're trying to study.) Turbo Coffee is also always adding interesting options to the menu so you will never get bored with this study spot in Tuscaloosa. 

Monarch Espresso Bar 

Named one of the best coffee establishments in America, Monarch Espresso Bar is a force to be reckoned with. Even after this popularity, Monarch has still kept it's secluded charm in Tuscaloosa. Tucked away on 22nd avenue, Monarch espresso Bar is the best for when you do not want to run into anyone. Having some of the best petit fours I have ever had, Monarch is a cozy and inviting place to get your grind on. Having leather seating and a unique ambiance, Monarch is definitely making a name for itself. With a welcoming staff and delicious treats I am hesitant to let you all know of this hidden study spot in Tuscaloosa.  


Located on 20th avenue, UPerk is another fairly new coffee shop in Tuscaloosa. UPerk has plenty of comfortable seating and has scrumptious sandwiches that even a broke college student can afford. The coolest thing about this particular Tuscaloosa study spot is that they make most of their food in-house and partner with near by Tuscaloosa farm, Katie Farms for all their ingredients. UPerk is always a safe bet for the avid studier and foodie. For more info on Tuscaloosa local restaurants, check out this article, https://spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/eat-local. 

Whether you want to be tucked away and unnoticed or want to be steps away from the quad, there is something for everyone in Tuscaloosa. I hope these descriptions inspire you to go out and support these welcoming businesses and find your coffee house paradise.