Like all college students, I admit I have a coffee addiction. And with finals coming up, if I'm going to be hopped up on it, it might as well be quality coffee. Not to mention, finding a quiet place to enjoy coffee and study in peace seems nearly impossible now, with practically all of GW crammed into Gelman and anywhere remotely decent to study on campus.

The following five coffeeshops are meant to give you and your GWorld a break from the not-exactly wonderful coffee from Gelbucks or Dunkin while still providing you with some peace to study. While I'm no coffee connoisseur, I can tell the difference in quality between chain coffee and not, and this #finalszn, you deserve better.

1. Bourbon Coffee

A quick 10-minute or less walk from campus, this café is offers some refuge from  a busy campus. And if you want to be even further from campus, there are locations in Capitol Hill and Tenleytown. The Foggy Bottom location isn't too big, but there layout is generous enough to have space for even groups to work together. Just be sure to grab a seat early because it will fill up!

The food is a little overpriced but the coffee isn't, so I'd suggest grabbing a bite on your way to enjoy with your macadamia nut latte (it's amazing).

2. Compass Coffee

With a new location within walking distance from Thurston Hall and right across from the Farragut West station, this coffeeshop is ideal for when you want to get out of your dorm but don't want to end up downtown. With arrangements made for group and individual workers, Compass is spacious enough to study in while enjoying high quality coffee and pastries for low prices.

Give your microwaved hot chocolate a break and head over to Compass Coffee for a Nutella latte. Or be adventurous and order the nitro cold brew coffee (only $2.75 for a small!). Either way, the coffee and tea here is as flavorful as it gets while protecting your wallet.

3. Tryst

This café is one of my favorites because of their food and coffee combos; it functions as both your study spot and your Sunday brunch spot. With a commitment to organic coffee, you can bet that your Chaipuccino or Hazelnut Shakerato will be a far cry from your average dirty chai. Many people have the same idea and and hole out at the coffeehouse so be sure to get there early and save yourself a seat.

Reward yourself with a Death by Chocolate Waffle or a slice of the ricotta cheesecake; you deserve it. Or maybe you're in the mood for something savory, in which case you can munch on the pesto butternut squash flatbread while learning about China's economic policies. The point is, this place has amazing food that'll make studying slightly more enjoyable

Warning: They don't have wifi on the weekends so proceed with caution. 

4. Filter Coffeehouse & Espresso Bar - Foggy Bottom Location

A place known for its flat whites and espressos, this quaint coffeehouse serves some great coffee while keeping noise levels to a minimum. You'll find many people like you, holing up with their study material and laptops while enjoying a slice of banana bread or a cup of the Colombian pour-over.

The downside is that the Foggy Bottom location does not have wifi, so while it may not be the ideal place to work on your history research paper, it is perfect if you don't want to be distracted by Buzzfeed's latest quiz while studying for that biology final.

5. Slipstream

This place is a personal favorite of mine because of its "brain power-inducing" menu. With options like avocado toast with goat cheese mousse or the Lancaster county cheese plate, studying juts might feel - dare I say - fun. Not to mention, Slipstream offers a rotating selection of tea and coffee beans to choose from, keeping you from staying in a caffeinated rut.

With a spacious layout, natural light, and strong wifi, it almost seems as if the coffeehouse is rooting for you to finish that paper. While the coffee prices are similar to Starbucks and other coffee chains - and slightly higher for the food - the chains don't have fizzy iced espresso "sodas" and  almond toffee scones that Slipstream does.

All of these coffeehouses breathe a breath of fresh air into DC's coffee scene, and even better, into your list of study spots. So grab a pastry and an adventurous drink and get cracking! Good luck on finals!