The "Secret Menu" craze at Starbucks is full of Insta-worthy pink drinks and fun flavored Frappuccinos. Problem is, Secret Menu drinks tend to be more pretty than, well, tasty. Many of the add-ons for the "candy" Frappuccinos up the price too. Do you really want to pay that much when you can something just as good that the baristas recommend, for less? 

Here's what some of the real MVPs (Starbucks baristas, in case you didn't get that) say you should get instead.

1. The Dirty Chai

coffee, milk, chocolate, tea, espresso
Elena Mieszczanski

Ok — so I lied a bit. This drink is not a closely guarded secret of the Starbucks staff. In fact, it is a favorite drink of many Starbucks regulars and is recommended by many staff members. Perfect for when you're craving that chai flavor but need more of a kick. 

How to order: Order a chai latte and ask for one shot of espresso (if you want a tall). The bigger the drink, the more shots of espresso. You can also get a double dirty by putting two shots in a tall. 

2. Iced Chai with Coconut Milk

milk, coffee, tea, sweet
Elena Mieszczanski

If you're looking for that chai flavor, but don't want a hot drink, this is for you. With the addition of the coconut milk, you're being heather too, which is always a plus.

How to order: Just ask for an iced chai latte with coconut milk instead of regular — almond milk is an option too.

3. Blended Mango Black Tea Lemonade

milk, coffee, cream, tea
Elena Mieszczanski

I'm not the biggest tea person, but my love for Teavana and Starbucks knows no bounds. Seriously guys, it's all I order. Blended drinks at Starbucks remind me of coolattas at Dunkin' Donuts, only so much better.

How to order: Order a regular Mango Black Tea Lemonade but ask your barista to blend it. If they don't know what that means, just ask them to put it in the blender with extra ice. 

4. Blended Green Tea Lemonade

milk, coffee, cream, tea
Elena Mieszczanski

Although similar to the Blended Mango Black Tea Lemonade, I couldn't not mention another blended drink. It's like having a tea slushie, really. 

How to order: Order a regular Green Tea Lemonade (or Peach Green Tea Lemonade) and ask your barista to blend it.

5. The PSL Mocha

coffee, milk, chocolate, tea
Elena Mieszczanski

It's fall, which means we're in for a season of girls obsessing over their PSLs. Don't get me wrong, I love a good PSL like any other girl. But sometimes I get tired of that traditional pumpkin spice flavor.

How to order: Order an iced mocha with two shots of pumpkin spice syrup.

There are countless other drinks that baristas recommend, and this list is just the beginning, y'all. If you're really looking for a great new drink to try, ask you local barista, maybe they'll have something that only they make.