Richardson, TX is Cinnaholic's newest location, which is fantastic news for anyone in the area who wants to have more options for local baked goods. Originally from Berkeley, CA, this innovative shop brings a new contestant to the game with customizable gourmet cinnamon rolls: in other words, a picky person's dream come true.

From the friendly service to the rich aroma of baking rolls the second you walk in, you're sure to come back for seconds. 

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Grace Nguyen

I had the opportunity to speak with Elisa, one of the three local owners.

Q: What do you think makes Cinnaholic appealing to college students?

A: I think the creativity of making your own awesome combination is very appealing to college students. I also think it would be appealing because they are supporting a local business and making a conscientious choice in what they eat.

Q: What do you think makes Cinnaholic unique compared to other bakery shops?

A: It's definitely unique because it's vegan and because there are so many ways to customize your rolls! It is a such a fun experience for the customer and they can pick whatever they are in the mood for.

Unfortunately for my waistline, I'm always in the mood for cinnamon rolls.

Wait, it's Vegan?

Grace Nguyen

From the fluffy dough to the flavorful frostings, Cinnaholic is 100% vegan. As a vegan, I was personally counting down the days until Cinnaholic came to Richardson. And while I know the word "vegan" can be off-putting to some, don't let the lack of dairy deter you. Regardless of your dietary needs, this shop is on par with any other bakery in town. 

The possibilities are endless

Grace Nguyen

If the countless combinations overwhelm you, here are some suggestions to help you out:

Q: For a first time customer, what would you recommend?

A: We would recommend trying one of our specialty rolls, which we have on display in our case daily. Customers can also sample any frosting they would like before ordering.

Samples? Don't mind if I do. 

Q: What are your personal favorite toppings?

A: Elisa [loves] the coffee frosting and the lemon with blueberries! Brittany loves maple [frosting] with pie crumble and raspberries. AB loves the cream cheese frosting with strawberries.

If you want to see the other choices, you can pre-plan your cinnamon roll masterpiece here

Now to the rolls

For our own good, we didn't test out all of the rolls, but we'll let you know about some of the ones we couldn't resist.

Cookie Monster:

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Grace Nguyen

Grace: "This roll is for sure made for someone with a sweet tooth. It is very sweet, yet doesn't give you the sluggish feeling you get with a typical sugary treat."

Me: "The cookie dough on this roll is insanely authentic. A little too sweet for my taste, but I would get this for any friend of mine who likes rich desserts—and I have a lot of those."

Pumpkin Spice (Limited Holiday Special):

Grace Nguyen

Grace: "Don't expect your typical pumpkin spice flavor. The roll has a taste I've never had before; you have to keep eating it to really embrace all of the flavors."

Me: "The pumpkin spice in this roll tastes much less artificial than what you get at other places. The subtlety of the flavor allows you to appreciate the quality of the dough. In most rolls, the icing drowns out everything else. In these rolls, however, the icing and the dough complement one another to make a whole new experience." 

Raspberry Delight:

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Grace Nguyen

Grace: "The lightness of the fruit makes you forget you're eating a cinnamon roll. It feels like a whole new pastry."

Me: "This has to be my favorite of the three, which is odd because I usually don't like fruit on my baked goods. The combination of the frosting, almonds, and raspberries is a match made in heaven."

And there's more

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Grace Nguyen

If an array of frostings and toppings wasn't enough, Cinnaholic carries locally produced coffee and tea to pair with your personal roll. They also offer adorable "baby buns" (mini cinnamon rolls), chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and yes, free wifi. 

The one-of-a-kind desserts and family friendly atmosphere will be a lovely addition to the Richardson area. Before you know it, you too could be a "cinnaholic;" I know Grace and I are. 

Location: 100 S Central Expy #15, Richardson, TX 75080

Hours: Open daily 8am-10pm