New York City is notorious for its delicacies and fascinating eateries, and people are constantly going there for the trendy restaurants and aesthetic diners. The City, from the streets in Brooklyn to the parks in Morningside Heights, has tons of places that run on cheese products. Cheese is everywhere and regularly shows up in our food at NYC restaurants.

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Now, picture this: you enter this little NYC restaurant on the Lower East Side, a distinct aroma flows from the kitchen into a dimly lit room, your stomach is growling as your waiting for your dinner. This is the type of environment that the Cheese Grille fosters. The Cheese Grille puts a creative, scrumptious spin on a childhood classic—grilled cheese. They have so many kinds of grilled cheese to choose from; my favorite is the Sloppy Joe without jalapenos! The Sloppy Joe has cheddar, ground beef, and pickled jalapenos on Levain Pullman. The cheese pull is amazingly hot and the ground beef melts in your mouth. The bread is lightly toasted so that you have the perfect ratio of crunchy and soft. The Cheese Grille is definitely the place to go if you're in the mood for a sandwich or if you just don't know what to eat!

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Of course, not all meals are perfect without sides. The two must-have sides at the Cheese Grille are the Sweet Potato Tots and their famous Tomato Soup. The Sweet Potato Tots are crunchy and savory. They have the optimal sweetness and are the perfect addition to your meal. The Cheese Grille has the best tomato soup I've tried to date. The tomato soup is spicy and creamy. Once the soup reaches your mouth, your taste buds will be screaming for more. Something that I did not try but will definitely be adding the next time is mozzarella in the tomato soup. According to Anurag P. on Yelp, "An incredible meal is the Grande Nachos with fries substituted for the chips. It sounds like a mess but it tastes like a well put together poutine of some sort." The photos of the tomato soup with mozzarella on their Instagram look so tasty! 

Another reason why you should go to the Cheese Grille is its location on the Manhattan island. As mentioned before, the Cheese Grille is found on the Lower East Side and near Soho, with trendy shops like Glossier and Mystique Boutique and an aesthetic vibe in the air. The public art—including murals and graffiti—offers a cultural perspective of New York, and its natural beauty provides a spot ideal and perfect for pictures. 

All in all, the Cheese Grille is the best place to go to eat if you ever find yourself in the Lower East Side. Their sandwiches are divine and their sides are to die for. The next time I'll be sure to try their fried mac and cheese and much more. The location of the Cheese Grille on the Manhattan island gives the opportunity of an exciting and thrilling adventure in New York City to its visitors.