We all know how important celebrating is, but the location is everything. Hit up these 11 poppin’ restaurants for the best birthday/bachelorette party/sweet 16/etc. of your life.

1. Beauty and Essex


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Hidden behind a thrift shop in the Lower East Side, this trendy restaurant is a tapas-based restaurant with staples like grilled cheese/tomato soup dumplings, lobster mac and cheese and petite spiked cupcakes, perfect for your celebrations. Spike your cupcakes with red wine with this recipe.

2. Boqueria


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Boqueria’s a modern restaurant that serves Barcelona-style tapas. The rice bowls and meat dishes are a hit, but the churros stuffed with chocolate are even better. If you’re actually in Barcelona, be sure to check out these top notch eateries.

3. Buddakan


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Upscale Asian fusion in a luxurious setting serving classic Asian dishes with a twist. Dishes include Kobe beef sliders, lobster fried rice and garlic shrimp stir fry. For more Asian eats in NYC, check out this list.

4. Decoy


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This is a tiny little Chinese restaurant hidden under RedFarm that serves shrimp stuffed peppers, rib skewers, crab and scallop fried rice. Or, make your own healthy fried rice with this recipe.

5. Fette Sau


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In the heart of Brooklyn, this casual BBQ joint changes its menu daily to make it as unique and delish as possible. If you’re not in NY, check out this list and find the best BBQ joint near you.

6. ilili


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ilili is a trendy Lebanese restaurant that serves small plates for sharing. You won’t be disappointed by the falafel, beef dumplings and black iron shrimp. If you want to make some of your own appetizer-style dishes, check out these recipes.

7. Momofuku Ssäm Bar


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If you like pork, you’ll love the Momofuku Ssaäm Bar. Country ham and raw bar items are staples at dinnertime. More for you pork lovers here.

8. The Smith


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The Smith, an American brasserie, has a menu complete with rich dishes with a touch of Southern taste. Brunch at The Smith is the perfect place for a big group and the menu features mussels, NY strip steak, ricotta gnocchi and s’mores in a jar. Ever wonder how international students feel about American food? We did too. Check it out here.

9. The Stanton Social


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As opposed to your typical meal (appetizer, entree, dessert), The Stanton Social offers a brunch made up of tapas made for sharing. How could you resist Oreo pancakes, crab cake BLTs, and French onion soup dumplings? Truth is, you can’t. Can’t get enough of soup dumplings? Here are the best places to get them in NYC.

10. The Sugar Factory


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Known best for their Goblet drinks, The Sugar Factory is an American Brassiere that serves both sweet and savory delicacies including blue cheese bacon burgers and red velvet fondue. Get your fondue party on with these mouthwatering recipes.

11. Supper


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For Italian comfort food in the heart of the East Village, hit up Supper. End your meal with hazelnut pannacotta and you’ll be sure to be satisfied. Italian comfort food matches the rustic setting at this cash-only trattoria with an open kitchen. Here’s how to make your own classic Italian pasta dish in just 25 minutes.


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