With St. Patrick's day just around the corner, you can expect a plethora of food to drastically transform into that iconic shade of green that we all know marks the arrival of this day. Green milkshakes, donuts, bagels, even green mashed potatoes (can we all just agree that this resembles puke too much to be a thing??). However, if you are looking to step outside the box and dive into a little bit more authentic Irish food (with a twist) then check out any of Anna's Taqueria's seven locations to get your fix with their limited edition cabbage and corned beef burrito.

Returning on March 17th, Anna's Taqueria will be selling these bad boys for only $6.75. So if you're looking for some food to soak up the pints of beer, then look no further. The burrito is carefully crafted to create the perfect Irish/Mexican bite with layers of corn beef, cabbage, carrots, mustard, and of course beans and rice. Remember: supplies are limited so if just this description is making your mouth drool, I suggest heading in early!!!

For those of you looking to share the burrito goodness with friends or co-workers, Anna's Taqueria will also be taking catering orders, so you can bring the party anywhere!

Change up your typical St. Patrick's day food! Don't just go for the green bagel--go for the burrito. C'mon people, after a day of drinking, who doesn't love a good burrito?