Since most of us don't live under a rock and are fully aware of Cinco de Mayo and its presence in society, my friends over at Patrón and I are here to help you switch up your Cinco de Mayo game for the big day this 2019 year thing that we're in so you can celebrate it properly you know? Cool. Let's get started.

Option #1

Liz Abere

For this year's Cinco de Mayo festivities, Patrón is releasing a Margarita Tower at Toro Loco in New York (address: 15 Stone St, New York, NY 10004). The tower will be available starting on April 22nd and will live at Toro Loco through the end of Cinco de Mayo. Curated by mixologist Cody Goldstein from Muddling Memories, The Margarita Tower comes with three tiers that includes dry ice and fresh liquid mixer components including Yuzu, Vanilla Syrup, Prickly Pear juice on the top tier, over-the-top garnishes in the middle tier, and Patrón Silver on the bottom tier. The recipe for the tower is below:

The Margarita Tower recipe includes:

Two ounces of Patrón Silver

¼ ounce of Patrón Orange Liqueur

One ounce of Freshly Squeezed Prickly Pear Juice

¾ ounce of Freshly Squeezed Yuzu Juice

½ ounce of Vanilla Syrup

Each Margarita Tower allows guests to create their ideal Patrón Margarita and comes equipped with table-side bartender service to help everyone make their margarita properly (note: pouring 95% booze and 5% mixer doesn't constitute as a drink; that'd be considered as a shot that's experiencing imposter syndrome). The Margarita Tower serves a total of 10 margaritas and costs $500.

Option #2

TL;DR: download HOOCH. For Cinco de Mayo 2019, Patrón has teamed up with HOOCH (a rewards system) to ensure that all of your drinks are nothing short of fabulous. Time come Cinco de Mayo, whenever you order a margarita, HOOCH will give you the funds to upgrade your next drink to a Patrón Margarita via the HOOCH app. All you need to do is download the HOOCH app, head on over to your favorite bar that carries Patrón, and order a margarita. Super hard right? Yeah no. Anyway, after this is all said and done, all that you have to do is upload a pic of your receipt that shows that you bought a marg and the cost of the upgrade will be reward to you into your HOOCH account in the form of TAP Dollars (aka HOOCH currency) to use towards the purchase and consumption of a Patrón Margarita. Simple, right? Yeah.

Thanks to Patrón blessing the world with the two options above. Cinco de Mayo will certainly be festive this year, that's for sure.