Unless you're living under a rock, you have heard of Candytopia. Maybe you've been there, maybe you know someone who has, or maybe you've seen that marshmallow ball pit one to many times on your Instagram explore page not to click around and see what all the fuss was about. 

Carlie Littman

What is Candytopia?

If you do live under a rock, Candytopia, like the infamous Museum of Ice Cream, is an interactive candy experience like no other. They have two locations, New York City and San Francisco. Their attractions include a 💯 emoji swing, a candy portrait of Cardi B, and, of course, the marshmallow ball pit. They have been tagged in over 1 million Instagrams by now, but move over Candytopia, there's a new candy museum coming to NYC. 

The Museum of Candy

The Sugar Factory recently announced that they too will be opening a candy museum. This rival Candytopia will be located in the iconic Limelight Club space in NYC. The museum is said to have taken complete advantage of the space and utilized the area with edible murals, music, and art from local artists. Sugar Factory announced there will be three museums in total, another one in LA, and the third location is undecided. Even though The Museum of Candy hasn't opened yet, they are starting off strong by beating Candytopia's two locations. 

For now, the museum hasn't opened, but the founder Charissa Davidovici has said that there will be over 15 different candy themed rooms. These include a gumdrop room, a candy cane fashion show, a candy café, the worlds largest gummy bear and more. 

I don't know about you, but I'm definitely going to be checking the Museum of Candy website every day for updates until tickets drop. The museum is said to open in early 2019. Until then, we will just have to ponder about which candy museum will be better.