Boston has no shortage of unique coffee shops, perfect for a warm latte on a winter day or with a spot to do some homework. Flour, Tatte, Jaho, and Pavement are all Boston staples. But there's a coffee house that's been quietly popping up all over Boston and rivals them all. With nine locations from Cambridge to South Boston, Caffè Nero is the best of the best when it comes to coffee shops.

And whether you prefer iced or hot coffee, Caffè Nero is doing it all year round, anyway you like it. 


Every Caffè Nero has similar quirks, but each location is unique. There is usually some type of communal table with chairs that don't match. Books may line the rafters, or be stacked on shelves. And there's probably a fireplace, and the surrounding seating is most likely full in the winter months. 

Seating is tough to find at prime hours, and not because there's not enough. On a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, it's hard to score a spot because so many people go there to grab a coffee and a bite to eat, and do work. 


Jessica Citronberg

With the quality of their drinks, you would never be able to guess that Caffè Nero has almost 20 locations in the US. Something that bothers me about a place like Starbucks, is that the quality of the coffee is affected by how big the company is. Your experience really depends on who brewed the coffee that day, and how they use their espresso machine. 

At Caffè Nero, I've never had a bitter cup of coffee with a lot of grounds sitting at the bottom of the mug. 


Jessica Citronberg

Caffè Nero has a lot going on in the food department. From pastries to sandwiches, they've got it all. This spinach, tomato, cheddar scone was unlike anything I had ever tried. I've found myself going back to Caffè Nero just for this pastry. 

And they go far beyond just pastries to satisfy your cravings. They have breakfast sandwiches served on croissants, salads, granola, oatmeal, and regular sandwiches. 

If you live in Boston, it's unlikely that you haven't seen one of these new locations that have popped up. The next time your local Starbucks line is out the door and you're in a rush for some good coffee, stop by Caffè Nero.