When grinding out an important research paper or preparing for a big exam, a crowded Starbucks isn't always the best location. While it's perfect for a caffeine fix, there are definitely better study locations to get work done. Being surrounded by other stressed students in the library's cafe or hordes of high school kids in the Starbucks downtown never guarantees a peaceful work environment and will likely leave you yearning for a quiet escape. Slip away to these cafes that are rarely as busy as the big name coffee joints nearby and will allow you to tackle your workload in peace.

1. Einstein Bros. Bagels

Monica Milberg

If you need an escape but aren't looking to leave campus, Einstein's is a popular study destination on campus where students are nearly always working. While the main floor can be a little crowded, the upper level provides comfy seating with a scenic view, as well as large tables that are perfect for group work. Best of all, Einstein's wifi is some of the strongest on campus. Grab yourself a toasty bagel and iced coffee and get to work!

2. Chef's Table

Nestled conveniently downtown, Chef's Table is ideal for getting work done if you're looking to grab an affordable lunch or dinner, too. Their selection of wraps, sandwiches, salads and bagels is almost as impressive as their wifi speed.

3. Las Vetas Lounge

If you thrive in a cozy cafe environment, grab your books and find a table at hipster-meets-vintage lounge, Las Vetas. This spot not only has the internet connection you need, but a delicious selection of fresh baked pastries and daily specialty coffees that you totally have to try. Good vibes, a croissant and a latte? Sounds like a perfect study spot to me!

4. Neat Westport

Neat in Westport is the perfect chic environment that makes your study sesh super Insta-worthy. Find a window seat and connect to the cafe's wifi for the trendiest homework situation ever.

5. Source Coffeehouse

This Bridgeport spot is a close-by escape from campus that is a hub for both hard work and local coffee. Displays from local artists are a fun study distraction and this spot is rarely ever crowded!

With this round up of cafes near Fairfield University, you'll find it pretty tough to run out of places to study and never have to step foot in a crowded Starbucks just for reliable Wifi.