We all love food, it's a fact of life. Vegans, especially, adore and watch what they eat every day. They will go as far as to track down every vegetarian and vegan café nearby to find new foods.

Part of the excitement of moving back to State College is getting to dive back into the downtown food scene. On one of my first trips through town, I passed a window printed with the words: "a plant-based vegan café." There's a vegan eatery in State College, and I didn't know about it! "How is that even possible," I thought.

Phillip Massey

I was determined to research this hidden gem and understand why I had never heard of it before. The mysterious place is "Café Verve" on Beaver Ave.

Established in December of 2016, this 100% vegan eatery is gaining more popularity everyday. Located in the heart of downtown State College, this café is a hotspot for vegans and non-vegans, alike. Hipsters, vegan students, and State College natives walk in and out to get their daily fill of vegan goodness. 

With breakfast bowls, vegan desserts and much more, this Penn State café is a vegan's dream.

Breakfast Fuel and Drinks

With soy milk-based smoothie bowls, waffles, oatmeal, and more, Verve has got it all. Sweet and savory breakfasts rule this place with scrambled tofu, chia puddings, and countless toppings for bowls, similar to that of Oatmeals in New York.

The beverage menu at Café Verve is equally as expansive as its breakfast selection. Coffees, teas, and smoothies scatter the comfortable tables and booths inside. These drinks that would impress the pickiest of vegans, include Switchels, Matcha Lattes, virgin Piña Coladas, and seasonal specialties like the vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte.

Faux Meats

This place has almost every meat substitute possible. From soy-based "chick'n" to various veggie burgers, this place has really got it all. Their menu includes spicy jalapeño burgers, buddha bowls, crispy chick'n tenders and tons of tofurkey. There's something for everyone, even for your meat eating friends to sink their teeth into!

Burger and sandwich toppings, including kimchi, Sriracha mayo, avocado and others, pair well with a side of fries, tater tots, or a fresh banana.

Vegan Desserts

Café Verve has its own rotating dessert case, displaying their house-made energy bites, cupcakes, and cheezecakes. Beautiful vegan cheezecakes come in Strawberry, Chocolate Coconut, and other sweet flavors. Verve also serves house made baked goods, including vegan brownies, cupcakes, muffins, scones, and baklava

#SpoonTip: Get the Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake. It's incredible!

"Order Up!"

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Phillip Massey

In addition to countless other restaurants and cafes downtown, Café Verve also delivers through OrderUp. Although this app  can be expensive to take advantage of, it's sometime quite worth the cost. 

If you're eating clean on a budget, you can simply call ahead to order and then pick it up later.

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Chloe Salvato

Welcome to the vegan café of Penn State. Though I wish there were more veggie-filled meals, this place's comfort food is surely on point.

So, enjoy the burgers, the breakfast and especially the desserts. With enough Switchel, Daiya cheese and "chick'n" sandwiches to go around, Café Verve is Penn State's vegan paradise.

Oh and did I mention there are vegan nachos?