Spoon JMU was lucky enough to have a private sit-down with John Blackburn of Pure Eats in Harrisonburg. Hands-down one of the dopest dudes I've ever met, and he holds the key to a burger/shake combo (and tbh an entire menu) that will change your damn life. 

We were fortunate enough to try nearly everything Pure Eats had to offer, and for me, The "Hangover" burger was the best thing we tried. A close, close, and I do mean close second were their shakes. I'm about to open you to a whole new world. 

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Paige Stickevers

Why should you care? Allow me to enlighten you, you poor thing. For starters, The "Hangover" burger's beef comes from Buffalo Creek Beef and Donald's Meats—AKA our Rockbridge County neighbors. Locally sourced meat for the win, am I right?

So what is exactly makes the "Hangover" burger so epic? Try to stay with me here and keep your arms inside the vehicle for the rest of the ride. This bad boy of a burger is covered with cheddar cheese, guacamole and egg and is cooked to perfection. 

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Paige Stickevers

If that isn't enough to get your salivary glands going, they also have frankly the most delicious milkshakes ever to go along with your meat masterpiece. 

Pure Eats uses only all-natural Homestead Creamery ice cream in their shakes. We sampled chocolate (duh), peach and raspberry. Let me say, as a chick who considers herself somewhat of a milkshake connoisseur—these shakes blew me out of the damn water. I wish I could personally escort you down to Pure Eats and sit your ass down to force you to eat this food. It's that good. But ya know, more for me I guess.  

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Paige Stickevers

As much as I wish I could keep Pure Eats all to myself, this s*** was too good not to share with you all. We also sat down and sampled the donuts Pure Eats had to offer and let me tell you, if you thought their burger and shake combo was too absurd to be true—you've got another thing coming with their breakfast offerings. 

Be sure to check out Pure Eats on Instagram (@pureeatsyum) for updates, drool-worthy pics, and their daily selection of freshly made donuts