If you weren't already convinced that Madison is a trendy food hub nestled in Wisconsin, then the new West Washington Avenue Depot will have you convinced.

The old railroad carts next to the Kohl Center will become Madison's ultimate destination. Owner Charly has teamed up with architect Linville and restaurant owner Altschul to create a space that offers the ultimate shopping experience.

Whether you're in the mood for an artfully made cappuccino from Porter, a tasty taco from Bandit, or new rims on your bike, you can do it all at the modern yet homey West Washington Avenue Depot.

The convenient location and innovative architecture will make this the West Washington Avenue Depot the ultimate destination in Madison.  

Location is everything

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Claire Fitzpatrick

Architect Linville is putting his heart and soul into creating an enticing eating and shopping destination. The most important aspect of creating the new Washington Avenue Depot is to make sure it is environmentally friendly.

Using Arcadia Power, you can rest assured all the energy used at this location is clean. They plan to open this summer, but they are also going to add glass enclosures so the market and shops can operate year round.

They plan to transform the old rail carts into a moving takeout arm for Bandit that can serve all of Madison's taco cravings.  


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Brandon Fishman

If there's anything that Madison is missing, it is tacos. Not only is Bandit striving to serve delicious Mexican food, but they want their customers to get the whole experience.

Bandit will serve it's yummy tacos in an old Madison railroad cart. Most importantly they want to incorporate Bandit To Go, which will be a moving railroad cart that can satisfying your cravings all the way down to Camp Randall.

If Bandit is anywhere near as good as Altschul's other restaurants we know it will be good.

Avocado Toast

Claire Fitzpatrick

Now-a-days a trendy café is not complete without Avocado Toast on the menu, and Porter delivers. Trust me this avocado toast is just as good as it looks.

They also offer an extensive drink menu, all of which are the perfect complement to the creamy yet fluffy avocado toast.

If you are feeling adventurous you can add n'duja for an extra kick. Not only does Porter offer the best avocado toast in Madison but they also offer it in a modern cafe which makes this photogenic treat that much more enjoyable.


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Claire Fitzpatrick

Madison is the ultimate biker friendly city, so naturally the West Washington Avenue Depot has a bike shop. With hundreds of bikes available, you can finish your afternoon with a satisfied stomach and new wheels.

Not only do they offer state of the art vehicles, but they also offer repairs to any bike.

The presence of a bike shop adds to their mission of lessening carbon emissions on our planet.

Ice Cream?

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Rachel Kalichman

Ice cream isn't officially in the plans, but there have been rumors and we can only hope that they are true.

In the Dairy State no meal is officially over until ice cream is served. 

Those of us from the East Coast couldn't imagine New York without Chelsea Market or on the West Coast, Seattle without Pike's Place; which has inspired these men to create a similar location in the heart of Wisconsin.

They all hope to create a location in Madison that all citizens are proud of. From the food to the foundations, Washington Avenue Depot will be Madison's ultimate destination.