After eating the food at In A Pickle Restaurant you'll be wishing it was socially acceptable to go back there to eat all three of your meals every day. With new specials every week and an extensive menu, you will always be left guessing what owner Tim Burke will create next (which is half the fun). He says that certain dishes will come to him in a dream aka he is literally bringing the breakfast of your dreams to life. I was lucky enough to visit In a Pickle and try some of their amazing dishes.

Dish #1

cake, whipped cream, cream
Emily Lyons

Their newest creation: the Nutella S'mores French Toast Tower. This was by far the best S'mores creation to ever grace my taste buds. Four pieces of french toast were stacked up and garnished with a toasted, house-made, hazelnut marshmallow and surrounded by four clouds of house-made hazelnut whipped cream. As if that wasn't perfect enough, when you cut into the french toast out seeps a river of Nutella and marshmallow sauce. Oh, and of course it wouldn't be a S'more without a sprinkle of Graham cracker crumbs as well.

Dish #2

strawberry, maple syrup, cream, syrup, whipped cream, waffle
Emily Lyons

Next up were the Patriots Cakes; a special that is usually for the 4th of July, but made a special appearance after the Pats Super Bowl dub. Three fluffy blueberry pancakes are smothered with house-made sweet cream cheese and topped with a strawberry compote (also house-made of course) and whipped cream. I don't care which NFL team you support. You'll be rooting for the Patriots come football season if it means you get to see this special outside July. 

Dish #4

blueberry, berry, banana, strawberry, sweet, french toast, maple syrup, syrup
Emily Lyons

Time for a house favorite and a staple on the regular menu: the Mixed Berry Stuffed French Toast. This plate includes a whopping total of eight french toast halves stuffed with the house-made sweet cream cheese and a decadent Dulce de leche sauce made from scratch. The dish is also donned with blueberries, blackberries and strawberries so fresh you'd think they were plucked straight from the vine. And to top it off, a healthy portion of whipped cream and a dusting of powdered sugar. What more could you ask for?

Dish #5

goody, dairy product, whipped cream, sweet, pastry, cake, chocolate, cream
Emily Lyons

To all my chocolate lovers in the house: this one's for you. The Oreo Stuffed Pancake Extreme will leave you speechless because this iconic cookie just became even more amazing. A stack of three Oreo filled pancakes are filled with a decadent Oreo cream cheese filling and garnished with an icing drizzle. By now you should've guessed that, yes, those are both made from scratch. The Oreo cookie has been elevated to a whole new level of decadence thanks to In A Pickle's delicious pancake special. 

Grand Finale

whipped cream, cream, syrup
Emily Lyons

While we're on the topic of reimagining classic food, let me introduce you to the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cakes. Four cinnamon vanilla pancakes are coated in cinnamon sugar and drizzled with the sweet cream cheese sauce. But don't look past the whipped cream just yet. This cereal milk whipped cream is absolutely one of a kind. It's made by marinating the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal in milk and then straining it to use as the base for the whipped cream. All of the components in this dish right down to the crunchy cereal pieces on top create the perfect marriage of flavors that come together to make this creative dish.

cream, pancake, syrup, cake, pastry, sweet, toast, french toast
Emily Lyons

In A Pickle is not a breakfast spot to be overlooked. With extensive seating, a liquor license, and incredibly innovative food, you won't be disappointed. They serve breakfast and lunch everyday (other than Tuesday when they are closed) until 3pm so you will never be "In A Pickle" about which dish to try because you'll have plenty of opportunity to try them all! This is one breakfast dream that you never have to wake up from.