Boulder, Colorado is a one of kind city, with more than just mattresses. In the middle of the Rocky Mountains there are many pieces of advice that any college student could use. Instead of sitting on that stolen mattress you could be out and about frolicking through all four borders of Colorado.

Tip #1: Colorado weed should be handled with care.

First and foremost, as a line of safety, only eat half the edible they give you. Chances are if it is the good ol’ Boulder weed, it’s organic, homegrown, and stronger than you realize. Grown with love and care those precious plants should be consumed with care.

Tip #2: Don’t drink too much and be an issue.

Due to the higher altitude, drinking your regular couple drinks could have you down for the count. Fun fact: Denver is the mile-high city at 5280ft of altitude. In order to enjoy and remember your weekend in the Rocky Mountains, you should take it slow until you realize how your liver likes the mountains. Fun fact #2: this means you don’t have to buy as much alcohol to have as much fun.  

Tip #3: "One Denver Omelet please."

When they say get the Denver omelet, get the Denver omelet. This beautiful breakfast has everything you need to fuel your day. Your protein, your veggies, and don’t forget the famous salsa! Feed your late night munchies with an authentic omelet from 24 hour i-Hop, Denny’s, or Village Inn.

Tip #4: "So baby pull me closer in the backseat of your Rover."

Let's be real. No one can afford that rover with the backseat- we all drive Subaru’s here. Never doubt the power of the all-wheel powerhouses. Snow, rain, sleet, avalanche, sun, (probably in the same day) you can always drive your Subaru. Expect lots of traffic after a Broncos game downtown, and even more after a snow storm-in a rush for the freshy pow pow.

Tip #5: Think before you eat.

If anyone in Colorado asks “Do you want Rocky Mountain Oysters?" Think to yourself, are you anywhere close to an ocean? No. Therefore, your answer should be no. If you still aren’t sure what this delicate treat is…Google it.

Tip #6: Colorado rhymes with Healthy. (Okay maybe it doesn't, but still.)

There is a reason Colorado is ranked in the top 10 healthiest states in the United States. You are surrounded by Olathe sweet corn, juicy Palisade peaches, and all those weird shaped carrots from your garden. Lara bars, Bobo bars and Rudi’s organic breads are locally made so you know what you’re putting in your mouth will make your body happy. Don’t forget about tea time! Celestial tea bags and mixes are produced right around the block in a Boulder Building.

Now hop off that mattress and start exploring the Colorful state of Colorado!