You really can't buy happiness, but you can buy pizza...which is basically the same thing. Thankfully Boulder is chock-full of places to buy pizza and happiness! Don't know where to start? I've got you covered.

1. Street Legal Pizza

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Ashlyn Pierceall

Boulder’s newest pizza joint is the real deal. All of their ingredients are shipped in from New Jersey making this some authentic east coast style pizza. They’ve got a ton of specialty pies to choose from and a build your own pizza option. They even have cannolis! With a jukebox, board games, and TVs streaming the games, Street Legal is a good time with even better pizza. 

2. Boss Lady Pizza

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There’s a pizza for every occasion at Boss Lady Pizza. Hungover? First date? Binge watching Netflix? BLP’s got you covered. And for only $4 a slice, you can still enjoy the outrageous goodness they offer even after paying your rent. If you’re lucky enough to go on a day they have their spinach artichoke dip pizza, do yourself a favor and order a slice…. or three. And don’t forget some bossy sauce! 

3. Pizzeria Locale

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This place is inspired by Naples and offers amazing pizzas in what they describe as an “elegantly casual” setting. Just like every other pizza place, you cannot go wrong with any of their pizzas. Their pies are much more sophisticated than your typical pepperoni pizza with ingredients like hen of the woods mushroom and black summer truffles. If you’re 21 they’ve got a great selection of beers, wines and cocktails, too! 

4. Pizzeria da Lupo

Wood fired pizzas are always a bonus and that’s just what Pizzeria da Lupo is serving up. They have great salads and appetizers to choose from before you dive into their pizzas. Their Gorgonzola and Margherita pizzas are to die for. If you can’t find something you like (doubt it) they let you build your own pie and have a ton of toppings to choose from. All of their vegetables are locally sourced, too. This place can get on the pricier side so check their daily happy hour deals out! 

5. The Sink

While The Sink isn’t exactly a pizza place there’s no denying that they’ve got some of the best pies in Boulder. They’re so yummy even President Obama approves and the pizza he ordered became a permanent addition to their menu. When you get your pizza they give you a bottle of honey as well. Don’t question it; just use the honey on your crust. If you’re feeling a little risky, I’d highly recommend topping your pizza with a few drops of honey, especially the POTUS (a.k.a. Obama's pizza choice). It's truly life changing and you’ll never eat pizza the same again.

Tip: Medium pizzas are half off on Tuesdays! 

National pizza month may be coming to an end but our love for pizza isn't. So, shoutout to whoever thought slapping some cheese and tomato sauce on a piece of bread was a good idea. This one's for you.