If you’re an on-the-go, health-conscious eater, then this list is for you. With the recent trend of grain bowls as the next healthy fast food, many college students and working adults have begun eating them. You can never go wrong with grain bowls ‘cos they’re super convenient to get (or make! Switch things up by looking at these homemade grain bowl recipes) and the transaction is a fast process.

First things first, what is a grain bowl?

If you’re unfamiliar with the grain-bowl-trend, don’t fret. According to Fine Cooking, grain bowls typically consist of grains, proteins, vegetables, garnishes, and sauces. They’re super easy to prep or purchase; it’s like being in line at Chipotle and choosing the ingredients you prefer. Grain bowls are one of the most versatile meals you can have because there are no restrictions on what you can add to your bowl. Just remember: the more ingredients, the merrier and more flavorful and textures your bowl will contain.

Without further ado, here’s a list of places you can get grain bowls in Boston in no order.

1) by CHLOE.

This vegan restaurant has the cutest decor of all time, something founder Samantha Wasser creatively visualized for her trendy chain restaurant. By CHLOE is a plant-based cafe that supports a vegan lifestyle using locally-sourced ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. Come in for healthy comfort food that won’t disappoint nor break the bank.

You gotta try: Their quinoa taco salad is flavorful and has a lot of textures as you bite into the romaine, quinoa, tortilla strips, and "chorizo", along with other vegetables. Super pretty presentation with a lot of fun in your mouth. 


Want to get a taste of Greek and Mediterranean food? The three owners of CAVA are first-generation Greek Americans who envisioned bringing authentic flavors to the table. CAVA has nine partnerships with nonprofit organizations all around the country to source their ingredients.CAVA also owns a lifestyle blog to share news about their partners, original recipes, food-related Pinterest boards, and even monthly playlists. 

3) Grainmaker

Inspired by Southeast Asian cuisines, Grainmaker makes its primary grain its organic volcano brown rice, which is grown in Southeast Asia in volcanic soil. They stick to the motto that basically translates to “rice is life,” and well, one can never go wrong with rice as a base. Their dairy-free menu is mostly vegetable-based and full of herbs and spices to recreate the street food flavors from the Far East.

You gotta try: If you’re feeling funky, try their cauliflower “rice,” and add more texture for your bowl. Grainmaker’s kale and pork meatballs put a new spin to regular meatballs, too. Who knew eating healthy would also be a fun and creative process?

4) sweetgreen

Although more widely recognized as a salad bar, Sweetgreen also serves warm bowls with grains in ‘em, too. Choose from their set menu or build your own bowl. This restaurant chain also follows the seasons and change their ingredients accordingly. As part of their transparency, Sweetgreen displays where they source their ingredients from in their board that is available in every store.

5) Spyce

What happens when a group of hungry, “robotics-obsessed engineers” from MIT work with Culinary Director Daniel Boulud and Chef Sam Benson? The result is an all-robotics restaurant at Downtown Boston serving customizable grain bowls. Spyce offers vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options to accommodate everyone’s needs. The food is prepped individually by robots and cooked in a rotating tall circular pan. Just watching how your food is prepared is already a cool feature of the restaurant. 

You gotta try: Spyce’s chicken + rice combination with kale, cucumber salad, pomegranate seeds, and white sauce makes a delish combo that will tempt you to come back.

6) Bailey and Sage

Inspired by the idea of walk-and-desk-friendly meals that are fast and fresh, Michael and Matthew Kaplan decided to start a local fast-casual restaurant chain focusing on sandwiches, salads and quinoa bowls. Served in Chinese takeouts, Bailey & Safe offers standard and rotating menus with vegan and gluten-free options, providing everyone with various diets a choice. 

7) Whole Heart Provisions

If you’re ever craving for a healthy Asian-fusion version of a poke bowl, Whole Heart Provisions has got your back. The restaurant chain offers a range of bowls using a variety of Asian ingredients for an authentic feel. They are committed to serving food, from the very start of its preparation and to its presentation. 

You gotta try: The Viet Bowl is an absolute win. Choose your base(s) and top your bowl off with roasted broccoli, smashed cucumber, savory green beans, cured tomato, basil, peanut crumble, peanut sauce. Yum in the tum indeed.

8) Dig Inn

Dig Inn makes eating your grains and greens Instagrammable. The restaurant brings an accessible farm-to-table dining experience - they even have their own farm in Upstate New York, too. Dig Inn offers a range of delicious hot or cold side dishes and sauces for your grain bowl, so get ready to nosh on a wholesome meal.

9) Life Alive Organic Cafe

Cleanse your mind and your stomach when coming into Life Alive. They even have a wisdom board to remind you to be mindful of your thoughts. With sustainable purchasing and reduced waste in mind, Life Alive practices food processing that honors the environment. 

You gotta try: Feel like a real Green Goddess as you tuck into your grains with avocado, broccoli, tofu or legumes, kale topped with their ginger shoyu sauce. 

10) B. Good

Embrace the changing seasons at B. Good, where their menu continually changes with seasonal ingredients. B. Good also opened a farm in Boston Harbor in 2016 and had grown more than 25,000 pounds of fresh vegetables. Choose a range of grain bowls and top it off with yearly recurring ingredients, so your bowl is never boring

Being busy is not an excuse to skip your meals or to opt for fast food. There are lots of healthier places you can go in Boston, where most students and adults are preoccupied with their work. With the trend of grain bowls emerging, you can trust the restaurants mentioned above for a fresh, delightful meal.