What can I say first about Bobby's Burger Palace? There is so much greatness in one place, I don't know where to start. With its retro diner vibe, this old-fashioned burger joint has a modern twist to it and is a wondrous atmosphere for all ages to enjoy.

Dining Experience

Emily Sauchelli

Once you enter BBP, you will be enthralled by the color and retro style of the place. The pendant lights and orange waves make this a go-to spot for anyone coming for a bit to eat at their Garden City location, located inside the Roosevelt Field Mall.

Owner Bobby Flay

As the owner of BBP, Bobby Flay, is a connoisseur in the food field and is known to create food of the highest quality. Flay makes appearances here and there at his 19 locations across the U.S., surprising customers with his presence. He is one of America's top chefs and is the master of flavors in the kitchen as his various shows and books have proven. #FLAYFORALL

Burgers, Burgers, Burgers

One burger that's all the rage with customers is the "Crunchburger". A Crunchburger is served with either just cheese or cheese and bacon, and topped with a handful of potato chips. I'm sure if you asked, you could also add plenty of toppings to the burger from the menu

An interesting part of Bobby's menu is many of the burgers have names and flavors associated with cities or states. Miami, Philly, and Dallas are burgers on the menu that showcase the flavors of their namesake. The burger named New Mexico, for example, is filled with queso sauce, roasted green chiles, and pickled red onions. 

The 'Topless' Burger

sauce, salad, balsamic, vinaigrette
Emily Sauchelli

BBP also has a burger for those who want to be healthier. The "Topless" burger comes with a mixed greens salad and balsamic dressing, no bun.


Shakes Upon Shakes 

The shakes at BBP go hand-in-hand with the burgers. There is nothing like having one of these shakes with a side order of fries and a burger. You will end up feeling full to the max and it will totally be worth it. Their shakes range from the basics, such as vanilla bean, to more complex ones, like fruity blueberry pomegranate.  

A very special thing BBP does is Burger of the Month. Every month, BBP creates a delicious burger that is not on the normal menu.

To learn more about what makes Bobby's Burger Palace a fun place to eat, head to their website

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