Bobby’s Burger Palace is a College Park favorite. This is because Bobby Flay, the famous restaurateur and celebrity chef on Food Network, is a god in the world of burgers, fries and shakes. Bobby’s Burger Palace is the place where his culinary creativity and good barbeque sense reign.

This isn’t a restaurant review; almost everyone on campus has already tried and loved BBP. This is an analysis of what makes Bobby’s better than, say, Five Guys.


Photo by Austin Steele

Originality is Key

First, BBP’s menu is completely original to Flay. The flavor combinations he has chosen are sometimes unexpected but they always work.

For example, nothing satisfies a craving like the Bobby Blue, which is a burger topped with crispy bacon, creamy blue cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato. Add to that a side of perfectly salted fries dipped in that chipotle mayo fry sauce, and finally, a refreshing mocha milkshake to wash it all down. Or, if the time is right, a hot pink Frozen Cactus Pear Margarita.

Tell me if you can get an experience like that anywhere else in College Park.


Photo by Austin Steele

A Huge Variety

From sophisticated adults to picky kids, BBP has something for everyone. The selection includes the classic burger, a spectrum of adventurous burgers and even griddled cheese sandwiches. BBP even has baby burgers for the anklebiters. To take the edge off a long day, the menu offers beer, wine and also spiked milkshakes.

Another cool feature of BBP is the monthly featured burger: one that isn’t on the regular menu. This month, it’s a Pimento Cheese Burger with bacon. Last month it was a sizzling tribute to the Pacific Northwest with white cheddar, cremini mushrooms and red wine barbecue sauce. The burger-of-the-month tradition means that on any given month, there will always be a new burger to tempt your tastebuds.


Photo by Austin Steele

Flay’s Got Passion

Most importantly, Flay’s passion for food is apparent in every detail of the Burger Palace. In Flay’s own words: “Food is the epicenter of my life—what inspires me every day….Food is the core of everything that I do, and I want to share that passion with anyone who cares to partake.”

Bobby Flay’s burgers are a not a result of his business savvy or his desire for profit; they are the outpouring of his love for food and his barbecue know-how. That’s why Bobby’s Burger Palace is the real deal, hands down best place to get a burger in CP.


Location: 8150 Baltimore Ave., College Park, MD 20740

Hours of Operation: 11am-9pm Sunday-Thursday, 11am-10pm Friday and Saturday