I'd like to label myself as sort of a Boba connoisseur. Having tried traditional Pearl Tea in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and the US, it's safe to say I know my milk teas. In my opinion, Bobahead definitely comes through with the most classic and traditional style teas, while still remaining unique and customizable. 

Rachel Hsu

The menu has classic milk teas as well as fruit teas, smoothies and creamas. Generally, I'm a classic black milk tea with boba or Hong Kong style milk tea with boba type of gal. But, upon asking the manager what the best sellers/her favorites were, she recommended we try the strawberry creama with boba and their seasonal drink - brown sugar milk with boba (pictured above). Both were amazing, but I would definitely try the brown sugar milk with boba, matcha with boba, and the black tea creamas (with boba obviously).

Rachel Hsu

Another thing I really like about Bobahead is the store aesthetic. It has minimalistic vibes and has art covering the walls that the employees and owner painted themselves. Plus there's a drive-through window making it perfect for a quick stop on the way to class. 

Rachel Hsu

Bobahead is a ten-minute drive from campus at 3001 W 11th Ave and has a branch in the Valley River

Center.  However, if you don't have a car it's easy to get there by Uber/Lyft or bus.

Finally, they also have plenty of options on the menu for non-boba lovers, such as fruit teas and bubble waffles, so everyone should be able to leave satisfied. 

Overall Bobahead gets a 10/10 for authenticity, aesthetic, and overall deliciousness! 

If you're interested in other good Boba Teas in Eugene check out Hannah's article (written before Bobahead existed)!