Spring is springing (well, kind of). We all know the storm clouds are ready to swoop back at any moment, but let’s just dream here for a minute. Before you know it you’re going to be walking around campus on a hot day wishing you had something cold to drink. If you wanted something delicious and refreshing, you could look no further than bubble tea. The sweet, milky tea and chewy tapioca pearls are the perfect combo to satisfy your spring day cravings. And luckily for you, the UO has an entire collection of bubble tea spots on or within a few blocks of campus. So study up, and get ready for a sweet spring term.

The UO Campus Bubble Tea Map

Bubble Tea

Map courtesy of Google Maps

1. DIY Tea & Beyond

Bubble Tea

Photo by Kyle Heiner

Though it’s only a few blocks off campus, the peaceful, calm atmosphere of DIY makes it feel like a serene universe of its own. The shop has board games, couches and of course amazing drinks. We went with a banana milk bubble tea and a mango lychee green tea, and let me say, wow wow wow. With a huge variety of bubble tea flavors, a tea menu, and a variety of snack foods, this is the perfect spot to escape the sun, cool off and get refreshed.

2. The Rabbit Hole Tea and Espresso

Bubble Tea

Photo courtesy of The Rabbit Hole

The corner of 13th and Patterson is a dream for bubble tea connoisseurs. Just across the corner from DIY is The Rabbit Hole, another popular bubble tea destination. With a hip, upbeat vibe and some spunky drink flavors to match, this place will have you refreshed, caffeinated and ready to conquer spring term. And yes, it’s named after a real rabbit.

3. Tasty Thai Campus

Bubble Tea

Photo by Daniel Mundra

You’ve probably only had Tasty Thai’s bubble tea if you were already there to order some Pad Thai, but with a convenient location and a nice selection of affordable bubble teas, Tasty Thai is a worthwhile destination even if you’re just looking for a drink. The Thai iced tea bubble tea is the specialty, but if you’re feeling adventurous you can try flavors like chocolate and pineapple.

4. Milky Way Tea & Pastry

Bubble Tea

Photo by Yannie Y

Milky Way is a staple of the UO bubble tea scene. If you’ve ever seen someone walking around campus with a cup full of boba, it was likely from here. Located less than a block off campus, across from the Duck Store, Milky Way is the perfect place to stop in and grab an afternoon bubble tea between classes. Plus, if you’re looking for lunch, the bagel sandwiches there are legendary.

5. GSH Fresh Marketcafé

Bubble Tea

Photo by Briana Jones

GSH Fresh’s bubble tea is one of the best kept food secrets here on campus. Available only during spring term, the bubble tea is both highly convenient and super delicious. Save up some meal points or hunt down your favorite freshman and try some of the teas on Fresh Marketcafé’s very mysterious and ever-changing menu. GSH is the place for bubble teas that put the fresh back in refreshing.