The best restaurants often times go undiscovered. For me, once I find a place I enjoy, I stop looking. If you find yourself in a rut and are looking for some ideas on the next place to add to your regular rotation, I've complied a few suggestions. I asked UNLV students for the best sushi place they've been to in Las Vegas and here's what they had to say. If you've been to any of the places on this list, try out the suggestions they said were their favorite rolls!

1. Sushi Kaya

If your looking for a late night sushi spot, this is the place to be. Sushi Kaya is a personal favorite (try the Lisa Lisa roll), but also a favorite of a few of my fellow UNLV peers. They suggested trying the Dragon Roll, Crunch Roll, or the Monkey Brain. Did I mention it's all you can eat? 

2. 808 Sushi 

If you're near Rhodes Ranch, definitely check out 808 Sushi! Located just of the 215, it's one student's favorite place to get a Deep Fried California Roll; an interesting take on a classic roll.

3. Sushi Tachi

Not only is the sushi all-you-can-eat at Sushi Tachi, there's a student's favorite spicy tuna roll, that can't be beat! Sushi Tachi offers a laid back environment, perfect for a nice dinner with friends.

4. Yama Sushi 

Conviently enough, Yama Sushi is located on Flamingo; only short drive from the UNLV campus. If you decide to check them out, test out the Harry Potter roll!

5. Goyemon

Goyemon Sushi House is another late night eatery to check out after a long night of studying. According to one UNLV student, their salmon nigiri is amazing!

6. Sushi Neko 

Located in the middle of Chinatown, you'll find the best salmon belly nigiri one UNLV student has had. Luckily enough, Sushi Neko offers an AYCE option, so you can keep the nigiri coming for as long as you can stomach!

7. Ichiza 

Not to be confused with the Portland restaurant, Ichiza is located on Spring Mountain right here in Las Vegas. If you decide to check them out, one student recommends the Salmon Ice Box!