Sushi has become a mecca of my everyday cravings. My best friend, Jon, and I go on late night sushi run often just to fulfill our sushi cravings. Although sushi is an acquired taste, once you get hooked on it, there is no turning back. There are variations of nigiri, fried or regular sushi rolls, and a never ending list of "special rolls." Sushi is not only for the lonesome drunk sipping on Sapporo, but it's amazing with boisterous company. So naturally, I rounded up five of the best late night Las Vegas sushi places that are actually affordable.

Sakana Sushi

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

If you're ever by UNLV or at least close to it and getting the sushi cravings. I suggest going to Sakana Sushi. They're all you can eat sushi or "AYCE sushi" where the average price is $26, but every bite of it tastes like heaven. When it comes to sushi at Sakana, order the whole menu from their special rolls: lobster ball rolls or any baked rolls, salmon, yellowtail nigiri or my favorite appetizers which are the baked mussels.

I can order those baked mussels for days. Each bite is more addicting than the next. Sakana Sushi also has a 2 for 1 special for Soju. So while grubbing on sushi, why not add a touch of Soju while you're at it? It's the best of both worlds and having memorable company makes Sakana Sushi one of the best late night chow-downs.

Naked Fish Sushi & Grill

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Naked Fish & Grill is not an AYCE Sushi but if you feel like splurging just a smidge and not feeling AYCE. Naked Fish is an impeccable spot and closes at 2 am. Naked Fish has a late night special or happy hour at 10pm-2am where you can get 3 combo rolls (2 standard, or 1 special or 3 standard rolls) for $22.

I suggest getting the Lisa Lisa Roll which is like a crunch roll and Haley Roll which is like a tempura roll. This late night special comes with a side of free soda or beer. The special also provide affordable regular sushi rolls, $6 cocktails, $4 appetizers, and $3 drinks. Their calamari is to die for, I dream about their calamari and get a beer instead of soda because why not. You're splurging just a tad and it's definitely needed. 

Sushi Neko

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

I just recently tried Sushi Neko and it definitely was worth its Yelp Reviews. The atmosphere of Sushi Neko is relaxing while KPop playing in the background and they close at 2 am. I love their nigiri more than anything, it tastes fresh compared to other sushi locations.

The precision of their rice and fish ratio is splendid. I believe I ordered countless salmon belly and super white nigiri. Their AYCE sushi for lunch is about $21 + tax and $26 + tax. The service was fast and efficient. I didn't have to wait long for my food to come, although it wasn't busy. They always refilled my water and I love that about Sushi Neko.

Yama Sushi

Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

Yama Sushi is another hidden gem by UNLV that opens until 10 pm or their new location on Spring Mountain that opens until 2:30 am, and their AYCE is $24 + tax. Yama has this relaxing aurora and you just want to hang out with close family and friends while drinking Sapporo.

Their special rolls are no joke. They have a creative special sushi rolls list like Man Whore, Kiss The Ass, Who's Your Daddy and the list goes on. The wise and energetic will have a whistle trying all their special rolls. But if you want to keep it simple, they have memorable appetizers like seafood salad, sake Kawa, deep fried mussels and so forth. Let's not forget about their nigiri and primitive rolls. 

Sushi Koma

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Tessie Grace Sumampong-Apique

If you're hungry at 2 am and realize that most of the listed sushi places are closed at 2 am. The last jewel is Sushi Koma that opens until 3 am and their AYCE is 26 + tax. My friend Kevin S. tried Sushi Koma and he loved it, so I had to go check it out. He said that he loves the tiger roll, probably the best in the city. The nigiri is super fresh in comparison to other locations. The portions might be on the smaller side but the service is magnificent. Their slogan is "Sushi Til You Koma" and I second that slogan. My "sushi koma" hit like no other but worth it. 

Sushi is the way to an Asian heart or most Asian's hearts because sushi is definitely brownie points to my Asian heart. Sushi has been a mecca of my life since I can remember. Quite recently, I've been hitting most of the sushi joints with my best friend in this city full of sins. It's not only for the brave soul who's never tried it but also for the sushi addicts like myself. Always keep in mind that the sushi cravings never stop especially when it's late at night.